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Fiftysomething British ex-pat, have lived in the same place in Latin America for 10+ years. 56,000+ edits on this wikipedia

I was involved with TV Genius for a number of years but am not any more so have no conflict of interest in editing that or related articles

I edit on the Spanish speaking world and its literature as I am passionate about the subject, about articles related to reggae as I was passionate about it and its related subjects, about articles on sexuality to improve their neutrality and encyclopedic content, and though I am very much a layperson what I cna bring is my skills as a wikipedia editor to bear on these articles, and on notable ppl from my childhood and youth, almost exclusively British, and focussing especially on wikipedia's living persons policy though from time to time I will edit beyond these areas too. I think wikipedia has no excuse for not enforcing BLP strictly on all porn articles and think it is a disgrace that this policy is not being enforced. Unfortunately I dont currently have the time to do so.

I was originally User:Squiqui fox Squiqui fox contribs and then User:Squiquifox, Squiquifox contribs

Where I live power cuts are all too common and may result in me going offline while in the middle of something, apologies in advance. Though we have good quality cable internet here outages of this are by no means a rare occurrence either.

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Boddhi 1994-2003
Squeak RIP
April 2013
my wife and I in 2006
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