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Flaming cocktails.jpg

Haus der Kulturen der Welt Nachtaufnahme.jpg

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I have been inactive for quite some time due to the real world. Hoping to be back but still might be moderatly inactive.


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User:Cool Cat/Shave the Wales

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Nayru... Din... hot. Farore... not.
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TCR This user knows the population of elephants has tripled in the past six months.
Oso.jpg This user knows that bears are Godless killing machines.
TCR This user wants you to know that you're on notice.
The Signpost
25 March 2015
Picture of the day
Red Cross workers at the 2013 Dar es Salaam building collapse

Red Cross workers at the 2013 Dar es Salaam building collapse
Photograph: Muhammad Mahdi Karim
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