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Hello this is a human being named Daniel Farrar studying Theatre and Performance at the University of Hull, Scarborough Campus. I also have a Facebook page 'Daniel Farrar' if you have the time have a look and get to know me a little better. As a human being I have feelings and emotions and I feel positive compassion and loving kindness is essential for a good quality of life in this day and age. I am a huge believer in philosophy and there are some things that we cannot simply explain like the 'Supernatural' and 'Paranormal Activity'.

At present i'm currently working on my Independent Study which delves deeply into what we consider to be the oldest most subjective form of social categorisation Gender performativity. I am hoping to perform a piece based on the notion or perhaps an ongoing discussion that we are becoming a more 'genderless' society and consequently diminishing the social binary 'Male and Female'. Judith Butler offers a theoretical discussion in her academic writings.

From October 2012 I will be working on the artist Annie Abrahams whilst undertaking the Applied and Interactive Theatre 2 module.