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I am a retired engineer living in Sonoma County, California. I registered as a Wikipedia user in November 2007, but occasionally made small contributions before then. I tend to be online after 17:00 UTC and before 6:00 UTC. I am proud of my barnstars and other awards.

Geocoordinate to-do list

Handy templates[edit]

  • Wikipedia:Template messages/User talk namespace
  • {{Representative|cacd|1|fmt=usleader}}
  • <ref name="govtrack">{{Cite GovTrack|CA|1|accessdate=December 24, 2014}}</ref>
  • <ref name="">{{Cite web|url=|title=|publisher=|accessdate=December 24, 2014}}</ref>
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  • {{DEFAULTSORT:Last, First}}

Tagging problematic pages and content[edit]

Project templates[edit]

  • {{WikiProject California|class=stub|importance=low|sfba=yes|sfba-importance=low}}
  • {{WikiProject Lakes|class=stub|importance=low|mapneeded=yes|needs-infobox=yes}}


Wikipedia has plenty of articles that need improvement, so creating new articles is not a high priority for me. I'm particularly interested in:

  • ragtime and
  • the geography of Sonoma County and surrounding areas.

To be created:


I have a digital camera, which I use to take photographs for the English Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons. You can find examples on my gallery page.

Ideas for future work[edit]


I was involved in category maintenance during 2008 – 2009. Details may be found on a subpage.