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Where to begin? Well I am, as one user so eloquently put it, obsessed with football. Nah, I'm not obsessed but it is a passion of mine, hence most of my contributions are football related. But I have made some non-football contributions, too.

Created Articles

Football biographies

Other football

1954-55 in English football, FA Cup Final 1970, FA Cup Final 1988, FA Cup Final 1997, Chelsea Pitch Owners, List of Chelsea F.C. players, Chelsea F.C. statistics, List of Chelsea F.C. managers, Category:G-14 clubs, Category:Parma F.C. players, FA Cup Final 2000, History of Chelsea F.C., 1963-64 in English football, West London derby, FA Cup Final 1976, Chelsea F.C. seasons, 1972 Football League Cup Final, Chelsea F.C. season 1969-70, Chelsea F.C. season 1954-55, Chelsea F.C. season 1970-71, Chelsea F.C. season 1964–65, Chelsea F.C. season 1919–20, Chelsea F.C. season 1965–66, Chelsea F.C. season 1968–69, Chelsea F.C. season 1960–61, List of Nottingham Forest F.C. seasons


World Doubles Championship, Frankie Fraser, Roy Shaw, Jim Meadowcroft, Crucible Curse, Scottish Masters, Chris Finnegan, Kirkland Laing, Tony Sibson, Kevin Finnegan, Marty Marshall, Jack Blackburn, Archie Sexton, Wayne Elcock, List of British heavyweight boxing champions, Billy Collins, Thad Spencer, Mac Foster, Fireman Jim Flynn, William Douglas, Segundo Mercado, Ernesto Marcel, Eddie Booker, Jack Bodell, Octavio Meyran, Harry Gibbs, Edwin Viruet, Adolfo Viruet, Harold Brazier, Willi Besmanoff, Battling Jim Johnson, Roy Harris, Samson Dutch Boy Gym, Lenny Mancini, Cruz Carbajal, Hugo Rafael Soto, Richard Walsh, Katharine Rogers, Roy Heather, Nick Stringer.

Significant Contributions

Chelsea F.C., Only Fools and Horses, Brentford F.C., Ron Harris, Bobby Tambling, Henry VII, UEFA Cup Winners' Cup 1997-98, Steve Davis, Peter Bonetti, Kerry Dixon

A Barnstar!
The Editor's Barnstar

For keeping Chelsea F.C. in a sensible state despite a relentless
tide of low quality additions and vandalism, I award you this
Barnstar. Oldelpaso 14:53, 4 June 2006 (UTC)
A Barnstar!
The Reynald Pedros' Barnstar

I present you this original sport man's barnstar in recognition
and appreciation to your tireless efforts in the improvement
of football (soccer) articles. Just like Reynald, you've struggled
to make this football world a better place. AbdelkweliTalk