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  • "The point is to be our most creative selves..." ---/Sherry Turkle - Frontline "Digital Nation"
  • :"It is reasonable to grant (one ought to grant) some degree of credence to whatever qualified men and women agree on..." ----Booth, 1974 Williams, David Cratis; and Hazen, Michael David (November 1990). Argumentation theory and the rhetoric of assent. Studies in Rhetoric and Communication Series. University of Alabama Press. p. 38. ISBN 9780817305093. 
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By the mid 20th century, humans had achieved a mastery of technology sufficient to leave the atmosphere of the Earth for the first time and explore space.
A metamaterial which produces a negative index of refraction. The total array consists of 3×20×20 unit cells with overall dimensions of 10×100×100 millimeters.
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