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I am a professional .NET developer and former molecular biologist, interested in an oddly diverse range of topics. My first Wiki edit was on Feb 1 2012 when I became annoyed at a short article that I was reading, which despite being barely more than a stub, managed to pack in a considerable amount of misinformation.            

Articles that are mostly mine[edit]

The following are articles to which I have made a dominant contribution, by which I mean that currently, at least 2/3 of each article reflects my take on the subject. Hopefully you will like them. If not, and if you have some expertise in the subjects, please improve them!

Articles where I've made a major contribution[edit]

The following are articles to which I have made a substantial contribution, at least 1/3 of each article reflecting my take on the subject.

  • Microbiome - I expanded a pretty minimal stub, and now others have added their expertise.
  • Human Microbiome Project - updated and added a list of achievements.
  • Earth Microbiome Project - split from Microbiome and improved style, added sections. Still not very good though, which is why I split it out from Microbiome.
  • In silico PCR - broadened scope and de-commercialized
  • Low-threshold treatment programs - Article was originally tagged for speedy deletion, and after being rescued from that, was tagged for its "news release" tone. It needed lots of work.
  • Fizeau interferometer - had a pretty unclear description of his famous experiment measuring the speed of light in flowing water.
  • Fizeau experiment - For a while, D.H. and I were working on this at the same time! He's quite good.
  • Michelson interferometer - Before I worked on this article, it had a mediocre 2.275 average rating (April 25, 2012). As of January 9, 2013, the average rating crept up to 4.125. Unfortunately, it has lately been gutted, so I'll need to do restoration work on it.
  • White light scanner - Article still needs a lot of work, but at least I can remove the "technical" tag.
  • Ives–Stilwell experiment - This article badly needed an illustration. I've given it three, which pushes me into this category, assuming 1 picture = 1000 characters. (The standard equation of 1 picture = 1000 words often seems a bit too much. It depends on the picture, of course.)
  • Kennedy–Thorndike experiment - Added illustrations and explanatory text.
  • Mach–Zehnder interferometer - Major rewrite of a poorly written article. Still needs a lot of work.
  • Quadratic equation - Major rearrangements, new text, examples.
  • Emilio Elizalde - There was some discussion about whether Elizalde was notable or not. He is.
  • Delayed choice quantum eraser - Major rewrite, new text, new and revised illustrations

Other contributions[edit]

Articles in which I've made a noticeable contribution, at least 10% of each article. Assumed one original figure = 1000 characters. (The classical formula 1 picture = 1000 words seems a bit much.)

The following are articles that I have helped clean up, copyedit, or re-organize.

Human HGF plasmid DNA therapy, Linguistic sequence complexity, Virtual Cell, GLIMMER, Fizeau–Foucault apparatus, On the Proof of the Reality of the Luminiferous Aether, The Demonstration of the Luminiferous Aether, Folding@home (had long talks with the principal editor), Cultural impact of extraterrestrial contact (GA Reviewer), Condensed matter physics (GA Reviewer), X-ray, Drunkorexia, Phase-contrast X-ray imaging, Seyfert galaxy

Helping to preserve the integrity of these controversial articles:

One-way speed of light (mostly on the Talk page)
Double-slit experiment

Miscellaneous small contributions, a sentence here, a figure here, a few sentences there.

DNA polymerase I, Bone fracture (merged), Fourier transform spectroscopy, Phase-contrast imaging, X-ray tube, Synchrotron radiation, Trouton–Rankine experiment, Trouton–Noble experiment, Aether drag hypothesis, Shearing interferometer, Algol, Star system, Terrell rotation, Tidal locking

Original figures[edit]

msDNA Synthesis 
Retron organization 
Selected common path interferometers 
Michelson interferometer fringe formation 
Michelson interferometer using white light 
Fourier transform spectrometer 
Twyman-Green interferometer 
Colored and monochrome fringes 
MMX with optical resonators 
Four common path interferometers 
Young's two-slit experiment and Lloyd's mirror 
Three amplitude-splitting interferometers 
Fizeau optical testing with computer generated hologram 
Phase Shifting and Vertical Scanning Interferometry Animation 
Twyman-Green interferometer set up as white light scanner 
Fizeau interferometer testing optical flat 
Lloyds mirror 
De Sitter argument against emission theory 
Ives-Stilwell experiment 
Ives-Stilwell rationale 
Illingworth simulation 
Kundig experiment 
Kennedy-Thorndike experiment 
Kennedy-Thorndike calculations 
Braxmaier modern Kennedy Thorndike experiment 
Michelson-morley calculations 
Fabry Perot Interferometer 
Hammar experiment 
Michelson-Morley experiment conducted with white light 
Lodge's ether machine 
Bucherer experiment 1908 top view 
Rogers et al electrostatic spectrograph (1940) 
Walter Kaufmann measurement of electron charge to mass ratio 
White light interferometric microscope 
Trouton–Rankine experiment 
Generalized Sagnac effect 
Stellar aberration versus the dragged aether 
Tidal locking of the Moon with the Earth 
Locating galactic radio-frequency sources using Lloyd's mirror 
Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser Graphs 
Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser Detection 

Figures that I touched up, augmented, corrected, scanned, got permission for, etc.[edit]

(augmented) HoekExperiment with expected results 
(permission) Lithium-7-NMR spectrum of LiCl (1M) in D2O 
(corrected) Double-slit experiment 
(debugged) Bucherer experiment 
(retouched) Fizeau experiment 
(permission) Phase-contrast x-ray image of spider 
(retouched) Lateral shearing interferometer 
(permission, modified) Algol AB movie imaged with the CHARA interferometer 
(permission) Algol triple star system imaged with the CHARA interferometer 
(modified) Frequency Comb measurement 
(modified) Mach-Zender interferometer paradox 
(modified) Elitzur-Vaidman bomb tester 
(modified) Caridoid escape reaction 
(translated) Parity violation principle Wu experiment 
(translated) Wu Experiment 
(retouched) DCQE returns intermingled results to D0 


(uploaded) Trouton–Noble experiment 
(uploaded) Sir Oliver Lodge's ether machine