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Rifle Type 95.jpg
Sturmgewehr88's favorite Sturmgewehr
Native name Gordon Miller
Born Jacksonville, North Carolina North Carolina
Residence Hattiesburg, Mississippi Mississippi
Uruma, Okinawa Okinawa Prefecture
Nationality American United States
Other names Sturmgewehr88
Ethnicity 50% German Germany
25% Irish Republic of Ireland
13% Lebanese Lebanon
6% Anglo-Saxon England
6% Creek
Education University of Southern Mississippi
Kadena High School
Brandon High School
Occupation US Army United States
Years active 2013–present
Home town Perris, California California
Height 170 cm (5 ft 7 in)
Weight 53 kilograms (117 lb)
Religion Christianity Christian flag.svg
Denomination United Methodist Logo of the United Methodist Church.svg
Spouse(s) ミーラー彰乃
Awards American Legion Military Excellence medal
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StG88 is currently in

Lamar County Mississippi Incorporated and Unincorporated areas Sumrall Highlighted.svg Sumrall, Mississippi


Usually misspelled as Sturmgewher, this word translates as "storm rifle" or "assault rifle" from German. The number 88, often mistaken as code for "heil Hitler", represents the 88mm main gun on the Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger Ausf. E and the Panzerkampfwagen Königstiger Ausf. B. It is abbreviated as StG88. It is my prefered psuedonym, and any acompanying avatar usually depicts an assault rifle, tank, or artillery piece. I've used this name since late-2010 (can't remember or prove month or day).


  • Sturmgewehr88 on Wikia
  • Sturmgewher88mm on Wordpress
  • Sturmgewher88 on Playstation Network (PSN)
  • Sturmgewher88 on many internet-game sites and iOS games


Most blocks have been because of the username "Sturmgewehr88". As exampled by my blocking and later unblocking on English Wikipedia, this was because people assumed something without actually asking me.

I was blocked for a week on Japanese Wikipedia for incivility.


My name in Japanese; katakana (foreign) last name and kanji (島外人) first name. Set in my two favorite colors: red and black. Gōdon (強斗武?) roughly translates as "strong fluid warrior". The link to my talk page is an abbreviation of "Sturmgewehr88" and Okinawan for "Sturmgewehr88's talk page".

ミーラー強斗武 (StG88ぬ会話)


Hattiesburg, Mississippi うるま市、沖縄 Wikipedia
April 2015
13:03 Hours
April 2015
3:03 Hours
April 2015
18:03 Hours


On Wikipedia, I generally edit Ryukyuan articles, although I also edit many articles outside this field. I use Wikipedia as a primary source of information, and when I come across a mistake in any random article, I correct it. Because the number of pages on my watchlist are over 1,000, I also fight vandalism across a wide range of topics. I also frequently add welcome templates to new user and IP talk pages. Sometimes I help with requests for comment. When editing articles, I generally have an immediate-inclusionist tendency.

ヰキプロジェクト琉球 To Do List

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I love history, and my strongest fields are military history and Ryūkyūan history. I lived in Okinawa for three years and still visit often. I have permanent residences in Uruma, Okinawa and Sumrall, Mississippi, however I spend most of my time in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. I was raised in Southern California. I speak one language fluently, two languages decently, and three basically.


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Countries lived in or visited:
United States Mexico Japan Ryūkyū Kingdom South Korea Canada Russia
American States lived in (top) or visited:
Mississippi Louisiana California North Carolina
Alabama Florida Georgia (U.S. state) Maryland Virginia South Carolina Arkansas Nevada Tennessee Illinois Texas New Mexico Colorado Nevada Minnesota Wisconsin Michigan North Dakota South Dakota Alaska Oklahoma Arizona Idaho Utah Kentucky Missouri Montana Washington (state) Oregon


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