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Satya Subramanian

Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil

We are, in truth, the Truth we seek.

Rig Veda


                Written below by, Jerry Robert Cassell, ...on my site you will find a COMPLETE CLEAR MEANING OF what... KARMA IS
                  "I AM... THAT OF WHAT I AM... BECAUSE
                               GOD IS
                               YOU ARE
                                I AM"

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? This was given to me from and through the "HOLY SPIRIT of GOD" (The same... GOD that Created... ALL THAT IS) while I was in Meditation BACK IN 1972. The Meaning... GOD IS...means that we are... All Influenced by "GOD" (even the non-believer's) Because we all are all created by and part of Our GOD, CREATOR OF ALL THAT IS!

The Meaning BECAUSE "YOU ARE" meaning "YOU my friend, who is reading this, being as part of "All Mankind" influences Our SOUL and All That Is, way of Thinking and Reaction to what we conceive within our perception of all that is around our world, our families, friends, loved ones, enenies, etc. Influences us while walking our pathway of Life.

Then finaly for the moment, that we are in... What we are all about, because of the Past, Present, and at the moment to moment surrounding "all That Is" along with the past, present experiences...Genetics...and what is needed for that next moment of experience... to become closer to... Our GOD, CREATOR OF ALL THAT IS".... WE ARE..What We Are for the moment. Thank You, Jerry Robert Cassell,  772-589-3347