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Sufidisciple (Sufi Disciple) Bengali: ছুফি দর্শনের বিদ্যার্থী
As a Sufidisciple (Sufi Disciple), intended to develop a series of Wikipedia articles focusing on Sufism. It's my desire as a Sufi devote. Principle area to focus are the lifestyle, Sayings, Bibliography, Biography and organizational activities of the past and contemporary Sufi Saints, devotees and Sufi followers of the South Asian Subcontinents, especially on the traditional Sufi Orders like Maizbhander and Rahe Bhander as well as of the Middle Eastern, Western and African Sufism. In fact, am working on this subject for more than a decade at home and abroad.

Intended Articles[edit]

  • Next Intention:
    • Maizbhander Sufi Order
    • Rahe Bhander Sufi Order
    • Amiruzzama Maizbhanderi
    • Shamsul Huda Maizbhanderi
    • B A Zafor Faruki
    • Foyzullah Master
    • Khankah e Rahe Bhander, Boro Bari
    • Jobaida Khatun (Soullar Ma)
    • Fazal Qawwal
    • Association of Rahe Bhander Affectionate
    • Scholars’ Association of of Rahe Bhander
    • Youth Association of Rahe Bhander Affectionate
    • Rahe Bhander Multimedia
    • Sufi Musicians’ Association of Rahe Bhander
    • Sayed Zafor Sadek
    • Mohammad Ullah Shaker
    • Amin & Nuru Fokir
    • Noxar Shondhane, the preface of Rahe Bhander Sufi Order
    • To develop Biographies of more than hundreds of Apostles of Ahmed Ullah Maizbhanderi
    • To develop Biographies of all the apostles of Salekur Rahman Rahe Bhanderi

Created Articles[edit]

Professional activities:[edit]

Beside Sufism, the subject of heartiest desire and interest, working as a Full time payee Graphic Designer since 1999. Meanwhile, have served some other related fields too and still striving hard. Now days, also started to step ahead in the field of Quality Assurance/Software Test Analyst.

Have served as:[edit]


  • Worked at Patshala iiT, the sister concern of DRIK, Dhaka as an Instructor of Multimedia Training Course.
  • SSBiiT, Dhaka as a Multimedia Software developer and IT Training instructor
  • Working for Rahe Bhander Free Trade course: Graphic Design as a self motivate Honorary Instructor


Developed 2 Multimedia Software promoting Child Education under the authority of Onkur Soft, a sister concern of SSBiiT, Dhaka in 2001-2.

Graphic Designer:[edit]

  • Working as a Graphic Designer in M. M. Talaqi International Trading Co. a vastly famous advertising wing of M. M. T. Group of Saudi Arabia since 2002 and presently serving as the Senior Graphic Designer and Divisional Supervisor- Print.
  • Also served as a part-time payee Graphic Designer of the AQ Establishment a well formed Lift & Escalator Decoration and installation service provider since 2002 to 2011.

Organizational activities:[edit]


  • X-Organizing Secretary of a National Child welfare organization named: AMRA POLASH, Chittagong, Bangladesh in 1994-5.
  • As an active member of the Youth Red Crescent Society, Chittagong City Unit concerning to serve the humanity, was the Team Leader of a the Mulslim High School Sub-Unit 1993.
  • Founder General Secretary of The Youth Association of Rahe Bhander Affectionate (Rahe Bhander Ashekan Parishad (RAHTAP).
  • Active member of Bangladesh National Cadet Core (BNCC) as Lance Naik.
  • Was the president of a Student's political organization by the year 1992-3.


  • Serving as the Secretary for information, research and international affairs of the Association of Rahe Bhander Affectionate since 2010
  • An enlisted Member of the Rahe Bhander Blood Bank a well-formed Blood Donor Group in association with Bangladesh Red Crescent Society, Chittagong City Unity to serve the humanity since 2003

Other Activities:[edit]


Contributing to the World Wide Web (www) as Regular Blogger having an individual Blog. Aside, Serving as the Blog Coordinator of Rahe Bhander Sufi Order through the English and Bengali Blog of the Sufi Order.


Self motivated article, Lyrics and Biography translator focusing on the Universal Sufism, Western Sufism, Orations and Biographies of Sufi Saints and devotees of the modern era as well as the past of the Maizbhanderi Sufi Order and Rahe Bhander Sufi Doctrine


Appointed Research fellow of the Rahe Bhander Sufi Order

Essayist & Lyricist:[edit]

As a regular author, wrote a number of freehand articles, Poems and Sufi Lyrics in Bengali, English and Urdu medium where a number of those published in different publications


A number of articles have published in different Daily News Papers and online mass media

Promoter & Admin:[edit]

Working as the promoter & Admin of Facebook pages: (1) ProphetDay (Prophet’s Day), (2) Sufism - The indeed theology of Islam, (3) Universal Sufi Festival, (4) Rahe Bhander Kadhurkhil School of Mono Theology (5) Rahe Bhander and (6) Rahe Bhander Ennoble Award

Team Leader & Admin:[edit]

Serving in two Sufism related Facebook closed groups as (1) Admin: in a general Sufi discussion group named: Rahe Bhander School of Theology and (2) Team Leader & Admin: in an online activists' Sufi related research group named: Rahe Bhander Web Scribers.