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Welcome to Suriel1981's userspace!
I have been a registered editor for 7 years, 11 months, and 16 days.

My time as an editor has been interspersed with lengthy wikibreaks when the bullshit gets a little too much to bother with. Better to take a year-long break than to get banned for going postal!

What I am[edit]

  • A precisionist.
  • A whimsical editor - I don't restrict myself to one particular area or subject. I'll do whatever the hell I feel like at the time.

What I do to improve Wikipedia[edit]

  • Sourcing random articles with newspaper refs.
  • Correcting/removing crap I find.
  • Patrolling recent changes and new pages.
  • Taking part in AFDs - more people should do this! It exposes you to different usages and interpretations of Wikipedia's policies. Plus, getting a wide consensus is always good.
  • Create redirects and disambigs on occasion.
  • Try to keep on top of the mound of anonymous editors who treat pro-wrestling articles as fan forums.


Articles have adopted and expanded: (none of them are amazing but are a lot better than they were)

Articles which I have started:

My Favourite Wikipedia Articles[edit]

My Favourite Personal Attack Against Myself[edit]

"I really pity the block who asked you to marry him, your first answer would be can you provide a relible source for your information." [7] (My fiancée has a reliable source for her information: ME!)

Facepalm section[edit]

Some random hoaxes I've removed, how long they were in mainspace for:

Credit Where Credit Is Due[edit]

  • The_Hybrid - welcomed me to WP, recommended WP:PW and in the welcome template provided an always-useful supply of policy links
  • Tohru Honda13 - inspiration (and source of the code) for my menu bar/layout
  • Bmg916 - inspiration (and source of the code) for my autograph book
  • Darkest_Hour - original source of the autograph book code

Hold number six hundred and ninety two[edit]


The Wikipedia Signpost[edit]

The Signpost
28 January 2015
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