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Hello, I'm Jean, known online as susato.

I am proposing a student project for my bioseparations class in which several articles on bioseparation unit operations will be created or expanded. Feel free to leave me feedback about this on my user talk page.

Many thanks, Jean susato 18:52, 9 November 2006 (UTC)

BEE 464 End of Term Wikipedia Project, Fall 2006 and 2008[edit]

A useful link for students undertaking Wikipedia projects.

Fall 2006 topics for Wikipedia articles:

Other topics identified for future work:

  • immobilized metal affinity chromatography - expand and clean up
  • expanded bed adsorption (new article)
  • solid phase extraction (new article)
  • hydrophobic interaction chromatography (new section in chromatography article)
  • liquid liquid extraction (current article specializes in metal extractions; would include material on antibiotic extraction)
  • aqueous two phase liquid extraction (new article)
  • filtration (expansion)
  • Podbielnak extractor (new article)
  • large scale centrifuge types (new article or major expansion of centrifuge article)

Article quality and peer review in Wikipedia[edit]

Here is an expanding list of links to style guidelines, examples of good writing and information on peer review of articles on Wikipedia.

  • Standards of Quality
    • Wikipedia's Article Grading Scheme - our objective is to produce "Good" or better articles according to the Good Article standards.
    • Your finished product should resemble: Wikipedia:The_perfect_article and Wikipedia:How_to_write_a_great_article
    • A link to Milton Beychok's user page. User:Mbeychok His engineering articles set the standard for which you should aim. You must aim high! Be aware that these articles have been improved along the way by other contributors besides the author.
    • A link to User:H_Padleckas H. Padleckas's user page (another engineer, who has supplied several articles and a vast number of useful graphics). Scroll down his page to read his thoughts on the intellectual level appropriate for a wikipedia article.
  • Peer Review at Wikipedia
    • The home page for scientific peer review of Wikipedia articles: WP:SPR
    • Example of peer review of the article on Enzyme_kinetics : Wikipedia:Peer review/Enzyme kinetics/archive2
    • Requesting feedback on your article: appropriate for new articles and draft expansions: WP:RFF.
    • An example of my request to wikipedians wanting to help you out by editing your articles, at Vivek216's article (Fall 2006). Also check the article's history for examples of edits made by editors not part of the class. (image issues in particular): Talk:Cohn_Process