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How's it hangin' McFly?

Continuation of my previous efforts on Wikipedia by IP only or under older accounts.

I tend to correct/add details to a lot of things I like, mostly music, film and video game related, and try to express things in the most informative and neutral manner without sounding too convoluted. I also enjoy vandalizing pages from time to time - DON'T tell mom! I have zero tolerance for bullshit, biased points of view, lack of rationality, lack of humanity in editing and people who take things too seriously:

We're more microscopic, temporary components of the universe we reside in than what we make ourselves out to be. We get too distraught sometimes and ignore great potential. In assigning our own life purpose we have the ability, in an age of unprecedented access to information, to make a difference. With all of our variations physically and mentally discounted, we are all the same product of nature. Allowed to "be", whether we like it or not. Everyone here constitutes a small piece of a larger picture, one that should aid and inform humankind for generations - hopefully far more peaceful and loving than us - to come. To construct and represent accessible knowledge. Not entertain the petty and insignificant. We'll be gone in an instant. Keep that in mind.

About me[edit]

This can't possibly be interesting to read.

I make some tunes from time to time (sometimes with a band) and play with sound for -and- as a living. It speaks for me often, so I do not need to.

My hobbies[1] include:

[citation needed]


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