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About me[edit]

A reserved editor mainly interested in music-related articles and able to spend several hours on an article to improve it. I don't consider myself an experienced editor (even if other editors seem to think other otherwise).


Songs, albums and artists articles[edit]

  • Adding, changing or removing categories for consistency purposes
  • Adding a certification table (like this one)
  • Adding new certifications
  • Updating them if necessary
Chart tables
  • Improving chart tables thanks to the corresponding templates which can be found at Template:Singlechart
  • Adding new weekly charts
  • Adding year-end charts
  • Adding decade-end charts
  • Adding all-time charts
  • Adding images to illustrate the articles
Music genres
  • Adding reliable references to music genres in articles infoboxes.
  • Removing unsourced or poorly sourced music genres


  • Adding reliable references
  • Arranging elements alphabetically
  • Improving readability using tables and columns (see Category:Table and column templates)
  • Removing unsourced or poorly sourced elements

Lists I entirely cleaned up (so far)[edit]


  • Video Killed the Radio Star : Great job on your work on this article. I've done a lot of expansion on this article and it's great you're willing to improve this article as well. I've also done work on a lot of Buggles too, and it would be great if you did work on those other articles too. 和DITOREtails 20:43, 28 April 2014 (UTC)