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Hi there. My name is Tom Moitié, a 17 year old from Stockport, United Kingdom. A few months ago I moved my account on Wikipedia from Moitio, as I feel that the name change reflects a change in my Internet persona. I also used to edit with that account without summarizing, so this is a fresh start :). Originally I started the Moitio account in about April 2005. I can't trace the date of account creation as I can't seem to find the log. In that account I made a measly 146 edits, most of which got reverted probably. Now I have a new account, I hope to improve on that statistic greatly. If you want to see my old contributions, you can find them here: Administrators, please be aware that Moitio is not a sockpuppet account, and I don't plan on using it in the future.

Contact status[edit]

If you want to catch me on IRC, I usually hang out at #lugradio (try and contact me here) on My nickname is Moitio. Mostly use that or my talk page to get hold of me. Of course really important issues can be directed to my inbox via Email this user - I check my inbox very regularly.


Mostly I input the data for Formula One races. I keep tabs on most current Formula One race reports, and the data surrounding them. Occasionally I'll deviate to help out the GP2 Series articles. I work with tables and templates mainly. I work at making sure the data is updated as soon as the events are over.

I also like to monitor band Wikipedia pages such as Pendulum and Kasabian. When I get the time I'll try and fill them out.

List of cool articles I've done a lot of work on but you probably don't care about[edit]