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Hi, I'm Tom (the user formerly known as Hypernovean), from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. I'm focusing on, other than things like RC patrol, articles on Melbourne, Australia, transport, and a few other bits and pieces. I have over 3,890 edits as of November 8, 2004. (And my Wikipediholic score is only 92?!) I joined up on December 20, 2003.

There's more than one of me. You can pester Meta-Wiki Me and Simple Me as well, or you can always Talk To Me.

All my original contributions, in all namespaces, are multi-licensed: Template:\DualLicenseWithCC-BySA-Dual

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At the moment...
Addiction: Coffee
Visual Basic .NET namespace: System.Drawing
Latest project's lines of code: 1140
Pages on the watchlist: 913
Songs on the iPod: 986
SETI@home workunit #:
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Total pages listed at right: ???



On the web:

The WikiProject Melbourne
Please visit the WikiProject Melbourne if you are a fellow Melburnian or know something you can contribute about our great city. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
See the talk page and open tasks list. All WikiProjects
Current projects
Lots of plans for the Australian Football League; maps of the railway lines in Melbourne; ...
Groups I belong to
Administrators, Welcoming committee, WikiProject Melbourne, WikiProject Sydney, WikiProject Stations
Subpages and crap repositories
To do/requests list, Drafts, Welcome messages, Infobox design, Random page stats

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