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My stress level!
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Personal Notes[edit]

Perhaps some more news here on myself would be appropriate at some time in the future. However, I didn't join to write about myself... :)

I'm American by birth, and I lived in Trinidad and Tobago. I've accidentally made the news a few times. I've written articles that could only be claimed to be 'pro-Wikipedia' which I'm prouder of than being in AP or on the BBC. If you want to ask me about those things that I was in the news about, please feel free to use your imagination instead of emailing me and asking me questions. Nothing I've done couldn't have been done by someone else. The fact that it wasn't done caused me to do it.


I'm online as Nobody Fugazi.


SLikipedia is a project started out of boredom, really to keep me occupied. It links public domain images to the Wikipedia from within SecondLife.


I reference the Wikipedia a lot, and because of that I come across weird and wild discussions. If you see my name, it's because I did read all of it, and had an opinion to express. I also take action - if someone is just throwing out 'NPOV' or other labels around, I look at things and I look for *objective* complaints. If I see none, expect me to remove these. Why? Because an NPOV complaint that is based purely on POV nullifies the whole thing.

Now and then, I start a new article. I don't do that lightly. I typically follow up on the article, and make sure that things either continue or are at least objective.

If I get bored, I surf random pages and do all of the above. Why? Because I am weird. I like learning stuff, and instead of griping, I'll help. ;-)

External Links[edit]

My homepage is here:

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