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Those are very helpful guidelines to write Wikipedia:

  • WP:SOURCE (WP:Attribution)
    • WP:NOR (No original research - OR)
    • WP:SYNT (No synthesis of sources for OR)
  • WP:CITE sources
  • WP:AUW, WP:DATE and WP:CONTEXT: stop overlinking!
    • This guideline recalls that there are three ways to cite sources. I do not like Citation templates, as they make very complex edit pages and are more bother than anything else. You can achieve exactly the same result without taking so much place on the edit page. In particular, they are not appropriate to face link rot. I hate the practice of deleting a newspaper source because the link doesn't work any more. You can't delete past history: the article still exists, and the link should be removed without deleting the source.
  • Wikipedia:Guide to writing better articles#Provide context for the reader. Necessary, and all too often forgotten. Think that an alien is going to read this or that article.
  • WP:TRITE: Use clear, concise sentences. We are not writing a novel.
  • Wikipedia:Only make links that are relevant to the context It is tiring to see all country names wikilinked ten times, when you perfectly know that 0,0001% of the reader is going to click on, say, the United States. If you really need to look information on the US, you surely can Google "United States" up and find the relevant Wiki page.



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The Signpost
20 August 2014

"The phenomenal but unreliable online encyclopedia is best used with a healthy dose of scepticism", correctly stated The Times of London on July 21, 2006. But again, reading The Times of London as the New York Times is also done with a "healthy dose of scepticism". Thus, the importance of sources...

So, healthy dose of scepticism, as always should we add, and also, when you find something really interesting, be sure to make a permanent link (as done immediately above) or even copy it into your personal files. And, more important than anything else, be sure to check Reliable sources, and Cite sources, as well as Wikipedia:Footnotes on how to set them up. Post a message here (I will adress content dispute on the relevant talk pages, but you might want to let me know by leaving me a post if you're in a hurry for the answer).


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The scoreboard at Michigan Stadium, showing the final result of the game

The 2007 Appalachian State vs. Michigan football game was a regular season college football game between the Appalachian State Mountaineers and Michigan Wolverines. The Wolverines were ranked No. 5 in the upper-tier Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS), while the Mountaineers were ranked No. 1 in the second-tier Football Championship Subdivision (FCS), of which they were the defending champions. Games between FBS and FCS teams typically result in lopsided victories for the FBS team, and the game was not expected to be an exception. However, in an upset hailed as one of the greatest in college football history, the Mountaineers won 34–32 (scoreboard pictured), blocking a potentially game-winning field goal attempt by Michigan in the waning seconds to secure their win. The Mountaineers became the first FCS team to defeat a ranked FBS team, while the Wolverines became the first top-five team to drop out of the polls as the result of a single game. The game received a large amount of coverage in American sports media, and both teams went on to have successful seasons, with Appalachian State winning the FCS championship and Michigan winning a bowl game. (Full article...)

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