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My favorite genre of music, by far, is country music. As a Wikipedian, I would greatly appreciate an increased presence of better-written articles on Wikipedia regarding country music. Unfortunately, only a very small amount of users seem to be interested in improving the country music articles on Wikipedia. Unfortunately, WikiProject Country Music seems to be one of the most inactive WikiProjects out there, so I need to turn to other measures.

I have done my part by filling in pages for just about every country singer who's charted a Top 40 hit in the past 20 years; surprisingly, a couple of fairly recent acts who had hit Number One didn't even have pages until I made some (Jeff Carson, Anita Cochran, and Sons of the Desert (band), among others), and even Grammy winners such as Emilio didn't have pages.

Many of the country music pages that are around right now barely even touch the surface. Rascal Flatts, for instance, has been nearly stub-class for ages, and even though it's tripled in size lately, it's still a bare-bones article. Furthermore, other once A-list acts like Collin Raye had stub-class articles until I expanded them. Even longer articles like Alan Jackson and Toby Keith seem underwhelming as they don't come close to covering all the bases.

Another place in which many country articles are lacking is a picture. Very few country music articles on Wikipedia have pictures at all. While it would probably not be easy to find a free picture for, say, James Bonamy, how hard could it be to find one for someone a little more modern? Harder than you think. Free Image Search Tool has found bupkis for quite a lot of modern acts.

So in short, I'm begging any editor out there — please help me improve the very many articles regarding country music artists. My otters and I did all the work on bringing a couple articles to Good Article status, but we can only do so much. Even if you're not a fan of country music, could you please help me clean something up?

Biographical articles[edit]

Album articles[edit]

Just about every country music album page needs expansion — info on the recording process, critical reception, etc. I've found this stuff very hard to find as trade magazines seem not to give a rip about country, so good luck.

If you need more specifics as to what you can help with, please contact me.