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Every article I started.

Symbol question.svg followed by a date means that the article was featured on Did You Know?, and the date indicates when it was listed in DYK.

Not counting non-article creations (redirects, disambiguation pages, categories, etc.), and not counting pages I created that I later redirected, or subpages made from existing articles, I have made 1562 articles and 43 templates.


Retail pages I created[edit]

Shopping centers[edit]

Retailers and other businesses[edit]


Music pages I created[edit]

Musical biography pages I created[edit]

Album pages I created[edit]

Song pages I created[edit]

Record labels[edit]

Other music-related pages I created[edit]

Templates I created[edit]

Mall templates
Musical templates


Other biographies[edit]

Road articles I created[edit]

Other stuff I created[edit]

Music pages spun off[edit]

Created by someone else, redirected, then rebuilt by me (these count towards the total)[edit]

Stuff I remember creating that has been deleted[edit]

This list is incomplete, and will probably be so for a while until I can remember what else I created that got nuked.


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  39. ^ Moved from Dustin Lynch (singer) after an article on an unrelated Dustin Lynch was deleted
  40. ^ Was originally an unsourced article that got redirected to the artist's song. I undid the redirect and wrote a new article with sources
  41. ^ First non-country act I wrote about
  42. ^ Moved from Shane Minor (singer) after a page on an unrelated Shane Minor was deleted
  43. ^ Originally a disambiguation page, overwritten in 2007 to be about the band. AFD determined to revert to a dab page, which I then moved to Parmalee (disambiguation) once the band became notable.
  44. ^ Originally made by someone else then redirected.
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  61. ^ Got moved around a bit. Tracy Lawrence's album, on which I created the page, was originally at Lessons Learned (album).
  62. ^ Redirected to Rick Trevino
  63. ^ Page was originally about the song, which had been redirected to the discography
  64. ^ Was originally a sub-stub that got redirected. I re-created it with sources
  65. ^ Moved from A Place to Land once I found out that there was another album with this name
  66. ^ Originally a redirect to Rollen Stewart
  67. ^ Originally created at The Sky's the Limit (album)
  68. ^ Created by me as a redirect to Tammy Graham, content later spun off
  69. ^ Was redirected back to Thrasher Shiver but I undid it
  70. ^ Originally a redirect to Universe of Kingdom Hearts
  71. ^ Moved from Unconditional (album)
  72. ^ Was originally about a non-notable Beach Boys song, overwritten per consensus at AFD, moved to current title. Beach Boys song now at Where I Belong (Beach Boys song).
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  81. ^ Originally a redirect to Another Star
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  97. ^ Per the request of another user
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  99. ^ Redirected to Graham, North Carolina
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