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Hi, folks,

since I use to browse every morning through the main pages of the wikipedias in “my” languages - viz, my native German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Nederlands, and Russian - I have recently decided to participate actively, beginning as a translator from the languages cited above.

It is my costum to take my time and dive in all directions for data, facts and background information and to control my texts at least a dozen times before going public.

The username is taken from a novel by Karen Rose "You Belong to Me".

Though I work since the eighties with the Office software it will take me some time to get used to the wikipedia meta code; hence, too, this rather simple user page. However, meanwhile I have already made some progress and am proudly able to tie in internal links, footnotes, and even pictures. Still, it would be my ideal to offer partners who are looking for a translation of an article such translation for further editing...

After doing a translation of a French article on a Belgian cathedral asked for by an unknown wikipedian I have launched two translations from the Russian on the Counts Dmitriev-Mamonov and will continue to translate the linked articles as far as they do not already exist in German.

In order to avoid onesided “russification” and in honour of two beautiful village churches in my neighbourhood I have further undertaken the translation of the related German articles into English. Although I am aware that such translation is “in the wrong direction”, as one should only translate into one’s native language, I presume that the knowledge of such beauty will be useful to English wiki readers, and that nobody will undertake it if I don’t...

After I have launched my English "Freiberg am Neckar" improvement and my "Amandus church (Freiberg am Neckar)" translation I am now busy formatting my "Count Mamonov jr." translation. Once this is launched, I shall return for a while to my German-Russian workload...

List of articles to which Matvey Dmitriev-Mamonov links existing in the Russian original but not yet in English I intend to anglicise in the foreseeable future:

  • Dubrovitsy
  • Vassilyevskoye (manor)
  • Moscow militia
  • B.A. Svyatopolk-Tshetvertinsky
  • Golden Sword for courage
  • F.P. Uvarov
  • Russian Order of Chivalry
  • M.K. Gribovsky
  • M.A. Dmitriev
  • P. Kicheyev