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Terrasidius; Photographer; Virtuosus; Philosopher; Superfluous Man circa. MMV sees you reversing his edits...
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User Boxes[edit]

Hey, check out the userboxes on the right hand side there for more about moi.:

  • Click Here to see my Sinclair Clan userbox. :D
  • Click Here to see my Encyclopedia Dramatica userbox. lolz
  • Click Here to see my Future Sound of London userbox. :D
  • Click Here to see my Cactuar userbox. xD

My stats

My rfA[edit]

My recent rfA

I'll try again sometime. :)

Nexus externus Terrasidianus[edit]

My Flickr page (the majority of my pics are Creative Commons, baby, so if you use any give due credit; adding more sporadically.)

My Lastfm Page

Wiki commons page (do not use it much tbh). I plan on using this more.

Me at Account creation interface

Pagina ego generum et accedo[edit]

I have created (Generum) a good few (85 as of 30/8/10, not including three templates) pages mostly to do with Elliot Goldenthal's soundtrack scores, Future Sound of London singles and albums and a historical page regarding Titus Terrasidius, a roman equite. Also i have added to (Accedo) existing pages including, again, Elliot Goldenthal, FSOL and other historical pages mainly regarding Normans and classical antiquity; and I plan to create more articles related to the above in the future (Posterus).


FSOL related articles:
Elliot Goldenthal related articles:
Service Awards (lol)
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Orbital related articles
Jesper Kyd related articles



U2 related articles:
  • Pop (U2 album) -- As of the 28th of September 2009 I am currently adding a whole lot of info to this sorely misrepresentative and underachieving page. Also going to work on U2 singles pages, mostly for Pop singles to begin with then others

I've added to alot of pages but mostly

  • ALL audio samples related to Elliot Goldenthal, Jesper Kyd and Rory Mcfarlane (Cyber City Oedo 808) and Future Sound of London (apart from "Room 208") including one for Final Fantasy X-2 on the Titus score page.


  • Also create page for Stephen Laws and subnsequent books page(s). Soon...
  • Also help out with KMFDM pages.
  • Expand Roll-Your-Own, add pics et cetera. Definitely add more prose and "See also" links to Rizla et cetera.
  • Add pics and sort out the score section of The Omen and generally help with (and create) other Jerry Goldsmith articles.
  • Also add pics to Freemasonry, specifically the Scottish Rite.
  • Add ogg samples (and other info) to some bands pages including Melt-Banana, and in this particular case create pages for Yasuko Onuki and Rika mm', the awesome, crazy lead singer and bassist.
  • Create page for Manga Mania Manga ent. magazine that ran Akira and other popular manga, primarily a European mag.
  • Create page for Grendel the score for Elliot Goldenthal's opera (not released yet) when it is released.

Wikipedians I work with[edit]

Pages of interest[edit]

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Wikipedia policy / guide[edit]


Ad Video Ex Animus[edit]

Pics of my own I've added:

Ochil Hills viewed from Alloa road on the way to Tullibody.
Stirling Albion shooting against the Alloa goal and missing in August 2006.
Kitten napping on human lap.

File:Roma stemma mini.jpg