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A wikipedia entry for me is here, and my personal web page is located at In my day job I work for the non-profit MITRE Corporation, which investigates a wide range of technical issues for government customers and looks for better (and often private sector) solutions. My home email, which I check once or twice a week at most, is (in read-aloud English format) Terry at TerryBollinger dot com.

Topics which others tell me I'm plausibly knowledgeable include human information processing aspects of programming, software design, software development process, software reuse, and certain aspects of open source software. My view on software development processes is that good programming are the fundamental basis for all mature and well-structured approaches to team and corporate processes. This differs sharply from definitions of process maturity that treat programmers as if they were the source of all problems. On another topic, I'm appalled at the depth of the malware problem, the full depth of which I believe remains drastically underestimated as of 2006. Please visit my home web site for suggestions on how to fight malware in your personal computer systems.

I also deeply enjoy and am quite conversant in most of the hard sciences, especially physics and chemistry. I consider Richard Feynman one of the best, if not the best, physics writers of the 1900s. You have not read a truly good book on how odd quantum mechanics can get if you have not read his book QED: The Strange Theory of Light and Matter. If you are one of those who thinks the peculiarities of quantum mechanics are overstated or over-dramatized, please, read Feynman's QED book carefully.

I've been an editor for IEEE Software, and I stay involved there.


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