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Computer programmer from San Antonio, Texas.

Reverter of vandalism, and wiki-link cleaner. (I'm no great author of Wiki pages, but I'm good at cleaning up other people's messes. :))

My barnstar collection is here.

Current Projects

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Candidates for speedy deletion as attack pages 0
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...from administrators 2
Requests for unblock 11
Wikipedia semi-protected edit requests 13
Wikipedia template-protected edit requests 0
Wikipedia protected edit requests 13
Requested edits 54
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Candidates for speedy deletion 90
Open sockpuppet investigations 51
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Nonsense pages 1
Spam pages 15
Importance or significance not asserted 21
Contested candidates 0
Other candidates 51

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Immediate requests

Category Entries
Wikipedians looking for help 0
Requests for unblock 14
Candidates for speedy deletion as attack pages 0
Candidates for speedy deletion as copyright violations 5
Candidates for speedy deletion 90
Wikipedia protected edit requests 14


Category Entries
Articles for deletion 898
Templates for deletion 291
Categories for deletion 579
Wikipedia files for deletion 149
Redirects for discussion 4
Miscellaneous pages for deletion 70
Possible copyright violations 106
All articles proposed for deletion 583
Unsorted AfD debates 24
Images with the same name on Wikimedia Commons 36

Image copyright problems

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Orphaned fair use 809
Unknown copyright status 314
Unknown source 163
No fair use rationale 3
Fair use review requested 0
Possibly unfree files 411
Rescaled fairuse files 0
Replaceable fair use images 18
Disputed fair use images 16

Page protection

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Protected 134
Semi-protected user and user talk pages 552
Protected user and user talk pages 243
Protected against vandalism 1
Protected talk pages of blocked users 40
Semi-protected 1,511


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Articles needing rewrite 88 0
Articles needing expert attention 176 0
Wikipedia articles in need of updating 93 0

Reference problems

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All pages needing factual verification 17,448 0.36
All articles with unsourced statements 282,743 5.82
All articles lacking sources 221,210 4.56
All unreferenced BLPs 2,633 0.37
All articles needing additional references 258,633 5.33
Wikipedia references cleanup 83 0
All articles lacking in-text citations 79,421 1.64
All articles with dead external links 138,183 2.85

Image cleanup problems

Category Entries Percentage
Images for cleanup 0 -
Images lacking a description 0 -
Wikipedia files with unknown source 93 -

Other problems

Category Entries Percentage
All articles to be merged 11,230 0.23
All articles to be split 515 0.01
Unsorted Stubs 77 -
Stub categories 13,539 -
Uncategorized pages 6 0
All articles that need to be wikified 0 0
All orphaned articles 125,811 2.59
All articles needing copy edit 2,523 0.05
All articles needing style editing 14,565 0.3
All Wikipedia articles needing context 3,251 0.07
All articles that may contain original research 14,445 0.3


Category Entries
Requested moves 299
NPOV disputes 88
Accuracy disputes 89
Articles with invalid ISBNs 1,147
All articles to be expanded 120,792