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Topics of Interest and Involvement: International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, Mensalão scandal in Brazil, History of Germany, American Civil War

American and New Yorker. Especially Interested in Literature. Particularly German, Brazilian, and Russian. I like to relax after (or during) work by translating pages from the German Wikipedia, which I believe is an important contribution because they have thousands of fantastic articles. For example, as a tribute to German Wikipedia and as a small contribution to strained German-US relations, I almost immediately translated the 250,000th German article about the charming island-peninsula Mönchgut or [1].

We can learn a number of things from the German Wiki.

I believe that they often have a more consistent approach to article quality than the English Wikipedia. While I will grant that the English Wikipedia is more complete in history and popular culture and science, the German Wikipedia is increasingly making a strong effort to improve quality and completeness in cultural areas like art, European literature, and architecture. While it is logical that the German Wikipedia should have increasingly better coverage in European culture and geography, the English Wikipedia should redouble its efforts in these areas. There are many articles where the German Wiki instead of the English should now be the point of reference. Also, I frequently notice that the German Wikipedia's uses of graphics are more appropriate and useful.

Furthermore, although not clear-cut, they seem to have a bit more maturity. On English Wikipedia, we have to deal with vandals, immature kids, primadonnas, and foreign nationalists to a much greater degree. This may be only a function of American and British use of the Internet and the global use of English, but the writing-style on the German Wikipedia in many articles also seems to be a bit more reasoned, calm, and mature, even professional.

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