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Journeyman Editor
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Mesquito (72083248).jpg
Born 03-22-1995
Mesquite, Texas
Name in real life William
Country USA
Current location Texas
Languages English
Time zone UTC-6
Current time Current UTC is 07:23
Race White
Height 6' 4''
Weight 225 LBS
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Family and friends
Girlfriend Yes
Pets 2
Education and employment
Occupation Cart Pusher
Employer Walmart
High school Mesquite High School
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
Hobbies Wikipedia'ing, see Wikipedia:Wikipediholic
Politics Independent (voter)
Books Hunger Games
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Hello, I'm TheMesquito I am primarily here on Wikipedia to revert, well, vandalism. If you are a vandal on Wikipedia, I would gladly appreciate it if you stopped your annoying behavior. I If you think I reverted one of your edits by mistake, please tell me at my talk page. I don't like doing the wrong thing, and if I made a mistake, rest assured that it wasn't deliberate. If you simply tell me rather than declaring an edit war on me, then we'll all walk away learning something.

If you want to join the forces of vandal-fighters, great - that's half the battle! Go here: User:K6ka for a great list on how to help!

Useless Info About Me

Who are you?

Just a guy from Texas on a mission to revert all vandalism and keep Wikipedia nice and clean!

Why is all you do is revert?

As you read above, i am adamant about fighting vandalism and keeping the site clean. I don't personally understand people who like to change words on articles into "PE1NIS BUTTHOLE" but to each their own I guess. I find fun in reverting Vandalism and helping newcomers.

Are you a gamer? What games do you play?

Any type! From puzzle to FPS and anything in between! I have no favorite console and think that console wars are stupid and needless, just shut up and game!

Are you a Texan?


Why are you still an American? Your country is horrible!

You're telling me! I still somday hope Texas will secede one day

Do you ride a horse to work?


Do you live on a farm?


Do you use y'all in every sentence?


I need to talk business with you. Specifically, regarding Wikipedia. How do I do that?

On my talk page, not here.

Do you have any plans/dreams of being a sysop here on Wikipedia one day?

Maybe, but i am NOWHERE close to being ready! Even if it never happens, I am content in reverting vandalism and keeping the site clean.

Do you like dogs?

Heck yes! I have two dogs, a Shiba Inu wow, such doge terrier mix and a Pitbull Pharaoh Hound mix.

Is this the end of the "Useless, Trashy, Pointless Information About Me That Nobody Cares About" section?


I am user TheMesquito on The Test Wiki TheMesquito (talk · contribs) – Limit: 9 per calendar month.