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Ready to drill through your grammatical errors - and then never look at the article or think of its subject ever again

Hello :)

I am The Almightey Drill. I am a student of modern Romance languages, with an obsessive and nearly all-consuming interest in football.

I mainly edit in small doses, such as correcting grammar, spelling, links and images. I have worked on the Flappy Bird article since it was at stub level, and nominated it for its Good Article status and contributed to its Did You Know?DYK. I also successfuly nominated Milan Baroš for a Did You Know?DYK, and created Operation Trojan Horse and 2014 Coppa Italia Final and got them passed for Did You Know?DYK too.

When I found the Czechoslovakia national football team article, it had no prose in it, despite the interesting and long history of the team. I extended it and had it passed for Did You Know?DYK as well.

My 4th Did You Know?DYK went to Paco Campos.


My club first and foremost is Chelsea F.C. Abroad, I have a long-standing affection for Inter Milan and Sevilla FC, as well as recent love for Atlético Madrid and S.S.C. Napoli.

I have made over 150 edits to the article on Diego Costa, which is now a Good Article.

I reviewed the Good Article Nominations for Ricardo Rodríguez (footballer) and Toronto FC.

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