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I am The Rambling Man. I've been about a bit, not as much as The Ramblin' Man (nor as long as The Running Man) but I've done my time. I first edited Wikipedia in May 2005 with a small modification to Harold Faltermeyer. The rest, as they say, is history. As of July 2014, I've made around 116,200 edits, some of them useful. I also like to help out at In The News and Today's Featured List, and fix the odd error wherever I can.

Remember this encyclopaedia depends on the quality of its articles. Please, write a good stub from scratch, or improve an article from stub to B-class, or be inspired to create a good article or beyond.... That is, after all, what this entire project is about.

Do not be scared to challenge the status quo. Wikipedia is now old enough to have a clique of "veteran editors" who can't see the wood for the trees and will resist change. These editors need to be treated kindly but with education. We have processes that impact our main page which currently throw up errors several times a day. This is not good enough and we need to fix it. If that means a few "ol' timers" get upset and move on, so be it. We're a dynamic, young, flexible, agile project. If you can't stand the heat....... Conservapedia is that way ---->.

Finally, if you're indefinitely blocked, you're indefinitely blocked. You make an edit? We'll revert the edit. We are very many to your (singular) few. Don't forget that.

Stuff I've been involved with

Work in progress


Pet project

An article for every University Boat Race from 1829 to 2014. Currently: 91/160 (56.9%).

56.9% complete

A decent article (GA or GAN or FA or FAC) for every University Boat Race from 1829 to 2014. Currently: 46/160 (28.8%)

28.8% complete

A Good Article for every University Boat Race from 1829 to 2014. Currently: 37/160 (23.1%)

22.5% complete

A Featured Article for as many University Boat Race articles that I kind find images and information on. Currently: 1/160 (0.6%)

0.6% complete