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Rolltop desk.JPG
Well, this is my desk. Please excuse any mess that you might come across, as I'm not a ridiculously organized person when it comes to thing such as this. Feel free to leave me a message pertaining to any of the issues currently sitting here, otherwise I'd prefer you'd leave me a note on my Talk Page. :-)
My Filecabinet

Advocacy Requests[edit]


I am a member of the Association of Members' Advocates. If you would like to make an Advocacy Request please leave it here by clicking on Make a request for Advocacy, below, and put your username and the article or other user in question as the title. I check my desk every day (sometimes dozens of times a day) so I should get back to you quickly, provided I'm not busy. :-)

PLEASE NOTE: As I am very busy right now, unless you are an Advocate who is requesting Advocacy (yes, this does happen) I will unfortunately have to decline unless the box below is green and says "Available". If not, please file a request on the AMA Requests for Assistance page.

DFRAMA.png This Advocate is: VERY busy    (e)
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Copyright issues[edit]


If I have tagged an article you've written with a copyright violation, and you wish to disscuss it with me, please leave me a message below by clicking Add issue (be sure to leave me a link to the article!). Copyright issues can easily be worked through, and usually require the article to be rewritten with its sources cited properly, and I'm here to help!

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Diagram requests[edit]

De finetti diagram.png

Since I do a bit of digital drawing, if you need a vector art diagram for an article you're working on, feel free to leave a request here by clicking on Make a request below. What I'll need is a link to the article it will be displayed on along with a link to a reference image (preferably images) so I have an idea of what to do. Once I get those two things, I'll see if I can help.

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If you have any complaints about any actions I have taken on Wikipedia, please post them here by clicking the Add complaint link below, so I can address them as quickly as possible. Be sure include a link to what it is about. Thanks!

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Awards, praise, pictures & other stuff[edit]

You know how people usually keep certificates of achievement, awards and photos of their loved ones on their desk? This section is where I keep that stuff. :-)