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I'm Ed: an active editor since March 2008 (though I originally registered in early 2006), a coordinator of the Military History Project since November 2008, a site-wide administrator since September 2009, and editor-in-chief of the Signpost, a Wikimedia-focused community newspaper, since May 2012. I was also the co-editor of the Bugle, a monthly newsletter for the Military History Project, from November 2010 to September 2012.

Aside from these hats, much of my Wikipedia time has been spent writing. My initial work was related to Shannara articles, but since late 2008 I have focused on early-twentieth-century warships from Europe, Japan, and both Americas, with a particular interest in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile. In total, I have helped in writing twenty-four featured and eleven A-class or good articles, a list of which is here. Most have furthered the goals of a long-term collaborative project, Operation Majestic Titan, which will see all battleship and battlecruiser articles rewritten and combined into a single featured topic.

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