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Collection of links[edit]

I just use this section to make new pointers to things I want to make pages for.

I like your graphs -Jasonxu98

Grow Your Own Fresh Air[edit]

A TED talk suggests a certain combination of plants that one can plant in their home or workplace that will offset any individuals CO2 from breathing, clean the air, and make the indoor air quality massively better. The only problem is that this pretty much only works in tropical climates and these plants all have their respective problems. Anyway, the plants are:


Dreischluchtendamm hauptwall 2006.jpg

Japan Windfarms[edit]

[[Category:Wind farms in Japan]]

Infobox conversion docs[edit]


Things about me you never knew you wanted to know[edit]

I am an Existentialist. I don't fully understand what means, but I know that I am one. I'm also slightly Christian and Buddhist, and my grandma tells me I have a little Moravian in me.

I am also a dandinator, something with which I take great pride. Anyway, it's list time.

I like these dances[edit]

At a shamefully beginner level for all of them of course.

Generic information[edit]

I studied the following things with varying levels of involvement:

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