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I'm surprised that no one has picked this username yet, considering its provenance. Oh well, bonus for me. Im kind of a librarian myself, and thats reflected in my edits. Ive been adding Space Shuttle missions, Astronaut bios, and anything else space related as I fill in the blanks of space shuttle missions. For example I created the Getaway Special recently featured on the front page. Right now Im basically just trying to transfer over information in bulk form, since one of the great things about wikipedia is that people will help you out as you go. hopefully ill inspire somone to wikify those pages that ive put up but havent got around to yet. If not, itll take a bit longer, but I really think that its more important to have the information available to people using Wikipedia than to have it look nice and pretty with links and everything. Since ive been getting most of my information from NASA websites, and ive had some peoblems with people putting them up for notice of copyvio, Ive created the following boilerplate:


Ive finished putting up templates for space shuttle missions, hopefully people will be inspired to fill them in, if not I'll do it myself eventually. You can see the template here, and the vfd discussion about them here . All space shuttle missions are now core complete! I'm now working on wikifying and removing red links. This means I'm putting up all the astronaut profiles I can get my hands on. I also still need crew photos for some missions.

Update: Every Space shuttle astronaut that has flown now has a page dedicated to them. Im now going to be working on wikifying shuttle missions and in the process adding on new pages like Getaway Special

Ive edited, worked on or created:

Pretty much every space shuttle mission

Wikipedia:List of images

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