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If you wish to ask why an article you submitted was declined, see some general advice here: WHY was my AfC declined?
If this advice does not answer your questions, then for the fastest response try:
* AfC Help Desk
* unofficial live chat
Or, for any other matter, please go to my talk page to leave me a message.
I rarely read emails, and do not respond other than on your talkpage, so best to keep it on my talkpage, unless 'absolutely' necessary, in which case also notify me on my talkpage.

Hello and welcome to my userpage. Let me introduce myself. I'm theonesean, an internet citizen for 15 years and a Wikipedian since 2011. I am a pianist, singer, and trumpet player. I am a Linux guy, and am currently hosting my own website and looking into setting up a small hosting company in the near future. I am currently in high school in Pittsburgh. I'm mostly active in the Articles for Creation wikiproject, but I also belong to Pittsburgh and Userbox wikiprojects. In addition to my pet WikiProjects, I am an active contributor on third opinion requests and requests for comment. I am currently writing an article about the seven-deadly-sins law and am planning on developing some articles in the philosophy area, and perhaps developing the Association of Pedantic Wikipedians. My work on Wikipedia has garnered me some minor praise: click here to see my shameless display of awards. Feel free to poke around my page, and have an awesome day. Also, I have two legitimate alternative accounts, User:Thetwosean and User:Thethreesean for editing on public computers and testing things from a non-customized account, respectively.