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What I do

To Do

3% complete
  • Remove |needs-image= from Film articles that have sufficient images.
  • Update code to use appropriate date format.

Green tickY Rebuild CatTrack Database

Green tickY Whittle away at Category:Film articles needing an image

88.9% complete
Green tickYRebuild script to use

Green tickYBuild/Test/Implement a bot to move reviews from {{Infobox Album}} to {{Album reviews}}

Green tickY Re-write to use recentchanges table.



Wikiproject Watchlist

The Wikiproject Watchlist is a tool designed to help wikiprojects keep track of their articles. It is made to look and feel similar to the watchlist that wikipedia users have access to. It accepts a wikiproject baner template or category.

Hot Articles

Hot Articles produces the most edited articles that are in the domain of a cetrian WikiProject, over a certain period of time. It has an API that User:HotArticlesBot uses to generate it's lists.

Cat Track

Cat Track logs the number of pages in a category over time. It then produces a graph showing the population of that category, which is intended to be useful in monitoring the status of backlogs. I use the google visualization API, so its nice and intuitive (although it does require flash) See the page tracking the number of unreferenced BLPs as an example. The tool also has the option to export the raw data (in CSV and WikiText format).


Edit Time Graph

This tool is in development: intended to create graphs for use with Sock Puppet Investigations. Currently it is limited to administrators on the English Wikipedia (users must log in using their TUSC account). It relies on Google's visualization API, and crashes when users have many edits (because it renders the scatterplots client-side). I don't know, either, how useful it may be.

Coord Helper

This tool ties together Google Maps and the wikipedia API. It allows users to search within Google Maps, drag and drop pins, and then save to Wikipedia in one click. It's still kind of buggy and I'm not sure how useful it really is. Anyways, if you want to see something improved/implemented: leave me a message on my talk page.

X! Edit Count Helper

Example: Output for User:Example

This was an idea I played with a while back. Basically, I was playing around with X!'s (awesome) edit counter tool and was given an error that the request I'd given had taken up too much memory. I found out that this happened because X!'s tool pulls all of an editor's edits into memory, and then computes the edit time graphs (the bars that indicate how many edits you've made to which namespaces by moth). I decided it'd be nice to see if I could do this entirely on the database side, saving Toolserver resources. I did, and it's faster too! I haven't gotten X! to use it yet, though.


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