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Gay labor union member with an interest in film and photography. PhD in political science, with concentrations in American government, policy analysis, public administration, and statistics. Been on Wikipedia since August 2005. On September 10, 2007, I made my 5,000th edit to Wikipedia. On January 11, 2009, I made my 10,000th edit to Wikipedia. On January 4, 2010, I made my 15,000th edit to Wikipedia. On August 22, 2010, I made my 20,000th edit to Wikipedia. On July 25, 2011, I made my 25,000th edit to Wikipedia.

On March 16, 2013, I made my 30,000th edit to Wikipedia.

My contributions? I make 'em as I find time. 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

I've established a sockpuppet page at 1965Tim, used solely for heavy-duty editing jobs and technical support stuff (like adding "Articles of the Day" to an portal site). All communications should go to the Tim1965 Talk page, though. You can leave it at the 1965Tim Talk page, but it might not be read in a timely fashion.

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Most recent (January 23-29, 2014)[edit]

This changes week to week, and someone asked me to put this list here, so...

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