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About me[edit]

Greetings, all!

I'm a Colorado farm girl who got a degree in Elementary Education and married a Navy man. We lived all over the place, raised two kids - a boy and a girl - and then settled in TN. My DH had several cerebral aneurysms and has since passed away, far too young. Both kids are married, and I have the world's cutest grandson in VA. I love reading a wide variety of things, writing, hiking, gardening, and music. I'm learning to play the violin. I do volunteer work at church, organized our county's only food bank, and am part of a mentoring program for kids in foster care.

I started on Wikipedia because I have a great collection of kids books, going back to my childhood, that I've been organizing for my grandkids - and rereading along the way. I looked some of the writers and books up here, and noticed places I thought I could contribute. It started small but is growing, since it combines three of my passions: literature, writing and research. My DH was a computer programmer and I left most of that to him, so I'm really having to learn a lot fast, but it's a great way to fill up my too-quite nights.

I think it's time well spent, because I know lots of kids use Wikipedia, and I'm hoping that interesting, informative and enticing articles will encourage them to keep reading and learning. I try to add pertinent information to articles when I can. My goal is to take stubs and starts and eventually turn them into solid C class. I also do some general copy editing and assessing of unassessed articles. It's helped me get a feeling for the different levels. I make mistakes, but I learn from them. And I'm having fun. If I could have one Wiki wish, it would be to connect with some other people here who do similar things, or at least are working on books or history.

(Thanks to Doc Tree for making me a WikiFairy|!)

Feel free to say Hi, and make improvements on anything I'm working on. Thanks for stopping by, and take a peek at my user boxes and article list below.

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