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Logo of the general English website is a multilingual argentine tango information service. If measured by Alexa Internet traffic rank [1] it is the second most important tango webstie after [2].

It is the only tango website providing that amount of tango information not only in english and spanish but also in 25 other languages. A unique feature is the open access to tango data in raw format for download and inclusion in other databases. This is helpful for tango collectionists as is the second unique feature, the direct title comparison. This cannot be found on any other tango website. Tracks of the same song are matched to see where a song was published else. A fair amount of tango music is reproduction of 78rpm discs resulting in varying quality depending on the care that was taken during reproduction.

Since July 2005 supports Google Earth by delivering content in KML.



The site offers the following data, marked with (d) if it can be downloaded at [3]:

  • 1800 entries for people related to tango, such as teachers, poets, composers, musicians (d)
  • 470 entries for historical and upcomming tango festivals (d)
  • 10000 short title information, partially connected with the corresponding composer and poet data
  • 2000 entries for Tango CDs, partially with track info (d)
  • 15000 CD track entries, partially linked with the title information (d)
  • 1400 links to tango websites

For the quantity of links and festivals this website is the leading tango website.


At a direct access to the database is offered for free download of tango data. The website structures data wherever possible in compliance with ISO or W3C standards. Because this is also used in the URLs it allows users and other websites to easily link to or incorporate downloaded data somewhere else.

Effects on other tango websites[edit]

In 2005 was started and as this seems to have caused La Cadena to announce: ...since others -the current number two- do a better job at it, we shall soon stop updating this list. There´s no need to do double work... [4].

An effect of the dedication to standards is the switch of to UN/LOCODE and the latter now linking to Wikipedia country and city articles.

Technical background / URL and data structure[edit]

The URLs are constructed in a way to allow linkis used are relatively short. Components of the URLs can be:

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