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Hello. I'm Tong22 and I'm a complete newbie relatively familiar with the editing side of Wikipedia. I can't see myself adding any new articles any time soon, but I do have an eye for correct spelling, and I don't look kindly upon distorted facts.

I generally contribute to articles of which I have some form of interest, very occasionally contribute to discussions, but mostly lurk on talk pages.

I put together my first ever photo montage courtesy of various Wikimedia Commons images, which is the current (as of 24.08.2011) article photo for the Manchester Wikipedia page. I plan to do more and to improve on the existing. This has long since been surpassed by higher quality montages, which I am grateful for!

Je voudrais commencer à traduire des articles du français vers l'anglais.


Wikipedia is increasingly becoming the single most expansive source of information on the web. I aim to contribute to safeguarding its integrity where I can.

P.S I promise to make the time to make a more interesting user page soon...