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Points of pride:


  • Windsor Park Mall – a story of a dead mall that came back to life as the corporate headquarters of Rackspace and is leading a neighborhood renaissance
  • Valley National Bank of Arizona (my second DYK) – one of Arizona's most important institutions in the 20th century (both posted 31 January 2014)
  • B. B. Moeur Activity Building (my third DYK) — a National Register-listed building on the ASU campus in Tempe, Arizona, built with WPA labor (24 February 2014)
  • Imevisión — Mexican state broadcaster in the 80s and 90s (5 July 2014)
  • XELD-TV — Mexico's third TV station, first to affiliate with an American network (15 July 2014)

Other articles

  • XHTVM-TV — a history of Mexico's most embattled television station
  • Programadora — an entry point into the complicated world of Colombian television (most of the other articles linked from that one also are mine)
  • Phoenix Indian School — one of my first ever articles about a National Register-listed site
  • Phoenix Union High School — one of the first high schools in Arizona, some buildings on the National Register
  • Telemundo Internacional — a comprehensive history of predecessor network (CBS) Telenoticias
  • FitTV — history of two networks that came together and swayed between fitness and health programming

From 12 November 2005 to 10 August 2010, I edited under the name TrackerTV.