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This editor is a Most Perfect Tutnum and is entitled to display this Book of Knowledge with Coffee Cup Stain and Cigarette Burn.

Tim Pierce is a Boston-area software engineer and recovering Usenetter.

In a former life I was moderately well known for kibitzing on Usenet software [1], being a cranky contrarian [2] and reading bad pornography [3].

I am still not, when last I checked, an L.A. session guitarist or a basketball player for the Arizona State Sun Devils.

To date I am still unimpressed with the Arctic Monkeys.

WikiFriends include Bcordes, Shevett, Agaran, CruiserBob, Jrlevine, Vzafrin, Moominmolly and Joelfurr. Jay and I used to have a mighty fine feud going on, but it turns out he's really a pretty cool guy.

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My contributions to Wikipedia include:

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