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This Wikipedian - named Evren Güldoğan - is a PhD student and a corporate consultant from Turkey. As an academic he is an economist with an expertise on the European Union and international trade. As a consultant he works on matters on international trade, competition and regulation, and project finance.

Born in Ankara on the 30th of May 1980, he grew up in the Aegean city of Izmir. Following his secondary education in American Collegiate Institute of Izmir, he studied political science at Boğaziçi University and received a MA degree on EU Economics from the European Union Institute of Marmara University where he is a PhD candidate. He worked as an EU expert for Tariş where his tasks included participation in several governmental committees and a senior consultant for a mid-sized firm. He has recently set up his own boutique consultancy and working for a number of select clients.

Güldoğan served for the EUFOR in Bosnia-Herzegovina as part of his compulsory military service in Turkish Peace Brigade. He has some published essays and a few papers presented.

His work in Wikipedia covers this and that.

Articles I started so far (except several redirects):

1 Pax Ottomana

2 Security community

3 Independent regulatory agency

4 Independent regulatory agencies in Turkey

5 Marc Coppola (actor)

6 Terra pericolosa

7 Irrumatio (from a redirect to a fully fledged article)

8 Chremastistophilia‎

9 List of illegal political parties in Turkey

10 Sustainable retreat

11 Revolutionary Party of Kurdistan

12 Democrat Party of Kurdistan/North

13 Liberte Publications

14 Birds International

15 Antonio de Dios

16 Issız Adam

17 TC Resmi Gazete


1 Harvard style

2 Hüseyin Velioğlu


And two categories:

Anti-dumping authorities Official journals

And a template:

Çağan Irmak

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