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ఓం నమో వైద్య నాయీబ్రాహ్మణే నమ:

Vaidya brahmin(or)Nayee brahmin were regarded as the highest Hindu casts along with Brahmins in India..

The term Vaidyanayeebrahmin is used for traditional Purohit Aryans otherwise known as Brahmans, which means "noble". Vaidyanayeebrahmin who were part of the Vedic priesthood Hindu community in Andhrapradesh. They are known by different names in different parts of India . in other regions they are known as Purohithan / Purohit/vaidhyar/vadhya. In earlier times, these brahmins were known as Vadhyar or Vadhyayar or Purohit or Acharya or Pandit or Upadhyaya. They are traditionally Vaishnavas, They did yagna in early days in India. They were also experts in ayurvedic and traditional medicine, and treated patients according to the traditional ayurveda phisicions. Vaiththy- is the correct usage.The origin of Vaiththy is from Thamilnadu (Old Madras state).Vaiththys are migrated to Kerala as Vaidhyas( belonging to Purohitha- Bhramins of Madras) of Thamil solders.After the long war of Chera Raja and Chola Raja (extented up to 400 years,ie,from generation to generation) they setilled in the Travancore region of Kerala.But the Kerala Bhramins remain reluctent to accept them.Thus they were driven away from Kingdom and Temples of Kerala.But they were unable to go back to Madras.Finally they stayed with Ezhava (the socially boycotted people by Savarna)and got the name as Ezhavathy. Vaiththy continnued the puja Vaidhya virthy and pooja, but few lazy people begins to work as Barbers.But now a days 90% of Vaiththys are doing only Vaidhya virthy.They also known as Pandit nayeebrahmin.
Why they are called nayeebrahmin?
The main reason why they are called Nayee Brahmin is, in Ancient days they are called Vaidya Brahmin & Nyaya Brahmin and it became Nayee brahmin. It is because they are simultaneously participating with Brahmins in all important events like Marriage, Death, all occassions related to temple etc., So they where regarded as the highest cast along with Brahmin in human life.. Also their main profession is Ayurveda treatment. In ancient days all thesepeople used to wear threads which they stopped and only few families are following these custom. But now a days they are known as Nayeebrahmin & Mangali (Who wishes good things). What happened Brahmin vadhyar/purohit/pandit in India?

Brahmin vadhyar/purohit/pandit caste name changed into Nayeebrahmin/isaivellar/maruthavar/maran/devadiga/ganaka/ezhava/Ezhavathy/Kavutheeya/komaram/Nai/baidya/vaidya/sengupta/dasgupta/duttgupta/sakladwipya ect.. Vadhyar/pandit/purohit means one who know four vedas(rig,yajur,sama &atharva) Now vadhyar/purohit/pandit in India is known as Nayeebrahmin/isaivellar/maruthavar/maran/devadiga/ezhava/Ezhavathy/Kavutheeya/komaram/Nai/baidya,dasgupta/sengupta/duttgupta/sakladwipya ect.. Some people of these caste chosen barber job. The reason was ,when they lost their jobs(yagnas,poojas etc)they turned to barber jobs they had the eperience of hair cutting and shaving when do a yagna/pooja.(we can see it in Atharva veda).In Atharv vrda one yagna/pooja starts with cutting hair and shaving .These experience lead them barber jobs.. The word Nayee stems from the Sanskrit root 'Nay'- which means to lead - stands for leadership. They are the kshatrias who had changed their profession with their willingness or non-willingness.Nayees acted ambassadors between the different states. They traditionally led wedding parties or carried messages between states, Kingdoms, villages and communities. They are known for their wisdom and admiration for self respect. They work really hard to achieve their goals and never bend in front of any other caste, community or religion .They keep concentrating on and working hard until they attain their goals. .They are known for keeping the secrets and following a strict disciplined life keeping mind and body clean. but off late they are been discriminated by majority of the people, who are far more inferior to them socially. There are many kings, ministers and present chief ministers from this caste. there was traditional Musicians,sangita pandits,Surgeons,ayurvedic doctors,barbers... in this cast number of devotees,ruled Kings,Leaders,Chief Ministers,central ministers are there.. originally Nayeebrahmins not barbers they was ayurvedc doctors.nayeebrahmins devotes of "Dhanvantari".there are originally Dhanvantari brahmins present called pandit nayeebrahmin,maran,sain,sharma,pandit,valanda,limbachiya,pandithar,madhwasas,saivabrahmn,thakur,tagore,ezhavathy,vathima,nanda kshtriya, bhati,Ganaka brahmin,Kaniyar brahmin,ezhava,bhatt,mohyalbrahmin,brahmin pillai,niyogi nayeebrahmin ect... Jagadguru Adi sankara (madhwas bramnin kerala), agastya mahamuni (ayurvedic pandit), Manickavasagar (one of the god nayanars), Kambar (Tamil ramayanam writer), Mahapadma nanda,Dhna nanda,chandragupth moruyudu,king asoka,Bijjalla II, the famous king of kalachuri,in whose court Basavanna was present,etc.. born in this community..

The Pandithar or Pandit also known as Maruthuvar, in olden days they were the doctors for the commoners and advisors for the Kings. They followed mostly Siddhar, ayurveda, and siddha to treat patients. That time, people were not used to cut their hair, rather they grow. When they got wounds, the "Maruthuvars" removed hairs in the wounded area, before they would do expertise in siddha or ayurvedic medicines. So apart from helping patients, people got their hairs cut as well.

When the British came to divide and rule India, they introduced English medicines, gradually the British indirectly dimmed the Siddha and Ayurvedic medical practices to be vanished away for their economical gains. The British set brought the hair cutting practices and people in general also started trimming their hairs in the name of fashion. The "Maruthuvars", took opportunity to gain economically.

"Navithan" or Nasuvan in olden days were musicians in the places of gatherings for weddings, etc. and in the courts of the Kings and Rulers. When the British came to rule India "Nassuvan" were integrated to became a community with the Maruthuvars.

Today, in the modern era and century, many started beauty parlors, learn traditional musical instruments, learn both the ayuveda, siddha, though they do not belong hereditarily to this community, entered into these profession for a financial gain and modernity.

Maruthuvars, differently called as Nassuvan (Navithars), Mangalar, etc., were respectable Physicians, who lived once as courtiers, dentist and doctors. Maruthuvar, Pandithar, Vaithiyar, Nasuvar, Pronopakari or Parubagari who are derogatively termed today as Ambattan, meaning "Am" means five, "Battan" means title. Ambattan is a person with five distinctive skills or career titles, and their women is known as Maruthuvachi, meaning a Mid-wifery or Women-doctor'. It is noteworthy that only women who belongs to this caste has the right to use the caste title behind their names "Maruthuvachi" As India is Patriarchal society, only men are entitle to carry lineage of caste behind their names, not their women, except the Maruthuvachi.

In the Pre-colonial, Pre-British Era, the Dravidian race or the Dravidian People was ruled and led by one simple philosophy: "ONDRE KULAM ORUWANE THEIVAM". These group of castes are known with various names and titles distinctions in various parts of India. Ezhavathy Nair, Nair, Manggala, etc. Maruthuvar means ONE WHO PREPARES MARUNTHU OR MEDICINES, Today Known As Pharmacies, Or Medicinal Doctor.

The film 7aum Arivu (7th sense) explains about the medicinal tradition and this community people Andhrapradesh nayeebrahmins called variously

The meaning of nayeebrahmin

Nayee=Vedic kshatri(Nai kshatri,Nanda kshatriya)

Brahmin=vaidyar,vathiyar,pandit,upadyaya,acharya ect...

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