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I've taken an extended vacation from Wikipedia for a while. I will be checking in occasionally still.

I'm a forty-something computer programmer, living approximately six miles west of downtown Ogden, Utah, three miles east of the Great Salt Lake and 30 miles north of Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A.. I graduated from Weber State College (now a university) with a bachelor of science degree in computer science in 1989. I had enough credits that I could have chosen a bachelor of arts degree, but I figured that the science degree would work better with my chosen career path. (I still lean more to the artistic side than others in my field.)

I accept Jesus Christ as my personal savior. I am an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I served a mission in the Argentina, Buenos Aires South Mission, in the cities of Los Hornos, Chivilcoy and La Plata (in that order). I spoke Castilian Spanish fluently, but with an accent. I can still speak passable Spanish, and still with an accent.

Politically, I am both a fiscal and social conservative. There should be as little government as necessary and no more. On the World's Smallest Political Quiz, I score in the libertarian region, close to the conservative region. But I do not affiliate with any political party, especially not the two major political parties in the United States.

No human can be truly unbiased. However, I do truly strive for the Wikipedia NPOV. Other useful Wikipedia knowledge is found here.


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I'm an active geocacher with 545 caches found as of October 8, 2007.

I enjoy playing board games. I used to go to the monthly meeting of a board game group in West Valley City, Utah (next to Salt Lake City about four to six times a year. I'd go more often, but it is about an hour away from my house. There is now a board game group forming in Ogden, Utah. Join us.

I hold an active Amateur radio license, technician class.

Major Wikipedia Edits[edit]

I've made some major edits to some topics of which I have personal knowledge. Most have been rewording while adding some additional information. I worry more about editing than keeping this list up to date, so I've missed some major edits. Rather than try to maintain chronology, I have grouped them by topic.



Politics and History[edit]

  • Legacy Highway: I'm for the Legacy Highway. As a computer programmer and former ISP worker, I recognize the logic of redundancy in network paths. But I stuck to a NPOV.
  • Eddie Aikau: Created this entry because a guy at work has a T-shirt with the phrase "Eddie would go" and some vague recollection of Eddie's story. I decided to look it up and create a Wikipedia stub.




To Do[edit]

This is my own personal list of things to do, when I get time:


Articles I want to bookmark for future reference:

Opinions to be considered[edit]

  • Don't Destroy
  • Constructive Criticism on current Wiki Deletion Policy
  • After an article was nominated for the third time for deletion within a few months, I developed a personal policy to automatically vote against deletion unless it had been at least six months since the previous nomination. This went over like a lead balloon when I used it in a recent deletion review, so much so that those desiring deletion didn't read the other reasons I'd given to keep the article. However, in a recent discussion, someone brought up the Wikipedia policy on renominations, so I will now use this with a "six month" limit for "reasonable amount of time".

Problem editors/edits[edit]

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