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--Vatrena ptica (talk) 08:29, 22 September 2008 (UTC)

Marija (Mary)
Nickname(s) Mara
Gender What do you think?
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I'm Marija (Can you say this name?), in English Mary. My nickname in Wikipedia is Vatrena ptica, in English Fire bird. Click here, and get full informations about me. I live in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but I don't speak Bosnian, but Croatian.

Catholic Croat, obviously. I speak traditional English quite good, simple English very good (must I be professional), Slovakian OK... I write an articles Kakan (a Croatian island) and Goranci, village in capital of Herzegovina, Mostar. I like computer, ice cream and Nutella. I was born 7th of August 1998 (that's wonderfull!) in Mostar, in a pretty city in BiH.

Well, I'm not full speaker English, but, I have reson, I can understand English quite good. I want to live in USA, at New York, or in Britania, at London, but, too, I want live at Philipines. I have interestic portal in Croatian Wikipedia, Mythology (hr. Mitologija), if you not too lazy, if I can say that :-). I think it's not like a monster. I'm in primary school. Please, write message in simple English (certainly, if you can write and speake this "language", I can't understand very difficult termins in English ♥). It's too nice, because I'm can speak English.

Questions (do you love this?)[edit]

Question: Vatrena ptica? What's mean this? And why the name Vatrena ptica?

Answer: Vatrena ptica is in English Fire bird, the one of sybmols of Holy Spirit.

Question: What's you favourite answer?

Answer: Yes, certainly.

Question: And question?

Answer: None.

Question: What your favourite WikiMoto?

Answer: Be BOLD!

Question: Why?

Answer: Why!? What do you think!?