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  • Cool hand illusion reveals mind-body link [1]

Power simplifies our thinking[edit]

  • conclusion from a study on the effects of power [2]

Google as Pratibimba[edit]

  • Google is created as a Pratibimba (reflection) of the internet on itself; PageRank is an iterative function that repeatedly reflects the value of one site based on the value of the sites it is referred from
  • When using Google, especially to Google some person, organization or idea, one gets the reflection of the "collective mind" on the respective subject
  • thus Googling X is like "asking for a Pratibimba of X in the collective mind"

Satisfaction associated to Pratibimba[edit]

  • There is a peculiar satisfaction in feeling that one understands another person, and in feeling that one is being understood
  • Also works for any domain of knowledge, foreign languages, philosophies, scientific insight, etc
  • Satisfaction is an aspect of Ananda

Pratibimba - in Politics[edit]

  • I propose that building reflection into society is the key to reducing the duality and consequently, the suffering of people
    • Homogenous countries have a reduced crime rate
    • Elections are considered a form of bottom-up reflection, a feedback mechanism of our society; the direct mechanism, of course, is the top-down application of political power
    • I see internet as the key to realizing Pratibimba in society, as it allows for a dramatically increased awareness of other people's thinking, and is a conduit for worldwide interpersonal interaction
  • "any particular event becomes not only a system within itself but part of a greater system as well"


  • in Science, encouraging interdisciplinary research and meaningful dialogue
  • in Economics, the reduction of nationalist protectionism, and lifting of the divisions separating rich and poor countries


Memory as Pratibimba[edit]

  • There is coherence among the phenomenal experiences of an individual which transcends the experiences themselves. One such transcendent experience is memory which makes temporally separated stages of the phenomenal flux coherent in spite of interruptions. And memory, once again, is a relatively permanent stage obtained very probably by converting the mental into the physical and presenting it in the latter form. [2]
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