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I am a young Zoroastrian, Parsi, Canadian male who is an Non-resident Indian (NRI) from India.

I originally joined Wikipedia in the year of 2007, while surfing the web and decided to sign up. As one should expect of most newcomers, my first few edits were not according to Wikipedia policy and were deleted. I created articles on subjects that were not notable, such as an article on Msn Scripts, which actually should have been named Microsoft Windows Live Scripts for Live Plus!. Quite obviously, I had not properly read the guidelines and policies and my edits were quickly reverted or deleted. However, this did not stop me from continuing to edit. I kept asking the user who reverted or nominated my articles for CSD, the reason why he did that, and how it can be improved. Since then, I have learned quite a bit.

However, due to me pursuing other activities and returning back to my studies caused me to leave Wikipedia for around 2 years. One could say that I did not truly leave, but I was definitely inactive. I might put in a edit or two each month, whenever and if I found the time. However, I still was not a good Wikipedian. This occurred when I returned in June 2009. In June 2009, I read all of the polices and guidelines, and actually understood many important concepts of Wikipedia such as reliable sources and no original research. From June 2009, I became very active, and spent many hours on Wikipedia everyday. This led to understand Wikipedia much better, and I consider myself right now, a good and strong Wikipedian. Now, I try to contribute all around Wikipedia. So far, I have taken a part in AFD, FAC, GA Reviewing, DYK, template making, creating userboxes, NPP, WP:HD, WP:RD, de-orphaning, removing OR, adding references and many other sections of Wikipedia.

After a long hiatus, I have returned to Wikipedia.

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