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Wikipedia User Page for "werldwayd" /
[ wıkıpedyɑ yuzər peyc for "wərldwαyd" ][edit]

Hello - Salut - ¡Hola - Olá - Ciao
Hallo - Hallå - Hej - Hujambo - Merhaba - Ahoj - Bok - Chào - Pozdravljeni
你好 - こんにちは -안녕하세요 - नमस्ते - வணக்கம்
здрасти - Здраво - Γεια σας -שלום - Բարև - مرحبا - سلام- خوش

Do one act of kindness per day, you will touch the hearts of 365 people a year.
Make one edit a day in Wikipedia, you might touch the hearts of millions a year.

Or better, do one act of kindness and one edit per day.. in that order

Origin of the name werldwayd / [orıcın αv də neym wərldwαyd][edit]

werldwayd is "worldwide" written in English in a phonetic way.

[wərldwαyd ız "worldwide" rıtən ın ınglıṣ ın ə fonetık wey]

Contacting me / [kəntɑktıng mı][edit]

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Activities / ɑktıvıtız[edit]

About me / [əbαwt mı]
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werldwayd joined Wikipedia on 5 June 2007.

In September 2012, werldwayd became one of the Top 200 most active Wikipedians in number of edits and in October 2012, joined the list of Wikipedians with 100,000+ edits. Presently, he is in the Top 100 Wikipedians in terms of edits.

werldwayd's edits include establishing around 2,967 new pages and total edits have passed 193,375 in English-language Wikipedia.[1] Pages created include various subjects and personalities in arts, society and history, in addition to many more contributions aiming to develop and expand thousands of already existing Wikipedia pages and subjects.

werldwayd also has considerable and important number of contributions in 32 other language Wikipedias updating their pages and trying to adapt and introduce a great number of articles found in various language Wikipedias into English-language Wikipedia.

English language Wikipedia articles /
[ınglıṣ lɑngweyc wıkıpedyα αrtıkəlz]

Other language edits / [αdər lɑngweyc edıtz][edit]

Interests / [ıntərests]
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Besides edits in English Wikipedia, I have established accounts under same name in 27 other Wikipedia / wıkıpedyα languages where I have many contributions as well on a regular basis. Refer to:
*Werldwayd other languages listing -- Global user manager page -- Local Embassy help in ar and hy

Dedications / [ dedikeyṣənz ][edit]

Dedication of songs and lyrics as a welcome word to all those who visit this page: 1, 2, 3.

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