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Picture of the Day[edit]

Picture of the day
HEALPix projection

The HEALPix projection is a family of map projections, the members of which are distinguished by their H and K parameters that describe the the specific arrangement. The H=4, K=3 HEALPix projection, as shown here applied to Earth, maps the sphere to twelve square facets (diamonds) on the plane, then divides these facets into pixels. This projection is widely used in physical cosmology for maps of the cosmic microwave background.

Map: Strebe, using Geocart
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Quote of the day!![edit]

"Science is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life."

Random fact of the day!![edit]

The eyes and nose of a frog are on top of its head, enabling it to breathe and see when most of its body is under the water.


Play RuneScape it is pretty fun as long as you have someone to help you get started. World of Warcraft is also most definetely the best multi massive online role playing game (mmorpg) in the world. Chess is also a very entertaining game that uses all of your wits to beat the other person. The best board game i would have to say though is trivial pursuit. I've heard the song White and Nerdy and love it (if you haven't heard it listen to it). I don't care what anyone else says but Dr.Pepper is the best soda ever.

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Tennis, and soccer are very entertaining. My favorite tennis company would have to be Prince first and Wilson second. My favorite soccer team is definetely Chelsea FC. I like to watch just about any other sport. I also love to ride bikes on and off road.
A BMX Race(no this is not a picture that I took, am in, or had anything to do with its creation, it just goes along with me liking bikes).


The Simpsons, Family Feud, Jeopardy, and The Colbert Report are shows that I like to constantly watch. Also any movie that has Adam Sandler in it is guaranteed to be one of the greatest movies ever.

Card Games[edit]

One of my favorite things to do besides edit Wikipedia is to play card games. Poker in any form is very fun especially when you have many people playing at once. My favorite type of poker is Texas Hold 'Em because it's the most universal poker and anyone that I ask to play poker with only knows how to play that type. I also know how to play many other types of poker such as Pineapple, 7 card stud, Five-card stud, Deuces Wild, Omaha hold 'em, ect. The card games I play the most are other random ones that don't require the convienience of having a bunch of poker chips laying around. Such games are Mao, E.R.S., and President. I dominate over anyone I play in E.R.S., am an average player in Mao, and am okay at President since I am fairly new to the game. If you know of any other cool and fun card games that don't require anything but the cards I would be very greatful if you could refer to them on my talk page.

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