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Please click here to leave me a new message.

Hi, I'm Will, found on Wikipedia under the aliases Will2710 and ghostmoon. I spend a pretty large amount of time on Wikipedia, so I hope to give something back by editing and improving, as well as the odd contribution!

If you'd like to leave me a message, do so on my talk page which can be found here. Thanks!


I live in the United Kingdom. I'm 19 years old and currently studying at the University of Oxford, studying French and Linguistics.

My interests include film, music and drama. I'm also very interested in paranormal research, and I enjoy paranormal investigation.

Wikipedia Activity[edit]

Most of my Wikipedia activity is centred around edits; as a linguist I am very keen to ensure that Wikipedia is as well written as possible. I therefore edit to improve spelling, punctuation and grammar generally; although I do add information to articles, update and contribute sometimes.

Pet Peeves[edit]

One thing that really annoys me is articles which are written sloppily or with an obvious bias. These are the instances in which I will be most likely to edit. Normally my edits are pretty objective; I don't usually remove something because I personally disagree.

I hate, hate, hate it when one person assumes that they are right and that everyone will benefit from the way THEY think things should be done. I believe that looking after the interests of the majority while still considering the minority is a pretty good motto to live by; it saddens me that there are people who think otherwise, especially when they are unnecessarily caustic about it.

This said, of course Wikipedia needs policies and so on, and these need to be followed; but it strikes me that sometimes people abuse an absolutist system like the one that it's necessary to have on a public website for their own reasons, and I think this is not the way collaborators should operate.

Of course, that's my opinion, but it seems to make fairly good sense by most reasonable standards, I would think. Obviously, this isn't always the case, or at least, this is how it would seem.

Contact me![edit]

If you want to contact me for any reason (though I've no idea why you'd want to!), please do so by leaving me a message here. Whether it's to tell me I'm out of line because I've made an overenthusiastic edit, or just because I raise a point you want to discuss, or whatever, just drop me a line - I'd be happy to hear from you.

Current Activities[edit]

I'm currently involved with the following:

The James Bond WikiProject

List of Keeping Up Appearances episodes - extensive rewriting to improve tone


I've met my hero, the amazing Richard O'Brien.

I've also met Jon Culshaw, who is incredibly talented and funny.