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Admin tools[edit]


Category:User warning templates

Thanks to User:Ambi (and, by extension, User:Angela).

Helpful pages[edit]


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Useful Pages[edit]

Requests for Adminship | Featured article candidates | Requests for comment | Requests for mediation | Nooks and corners of Wikipedia that should be frequented | Requests for arbitration

Copyright violation[edit]

Put this on a page with possible copyright violation;
{{copyvio|url=<place URL of allegedly copied material here>}}~~~~

How to list pages for deletion[edit]

This section describes how to list articles and their associated talk pages for deletion. See the related pages for templates, categories, redirects, stub types, pages in the Wikipedia namespace, user pages, or images and other media, or use copyright violation where applicable. As well, note that deletion may not be needed for problems such as pages written in foreign languages, duplicate pages, and other cases. Use Wikipedia:Proposed mergers for discussion of mergers.

Only a registered, logged-in user can complete steps II and III. (Autoconfirmed registered users can also use the Twinkle tool to make nominations.) If you are unregistered, you should complete step I, note the justification for deletion on the article's talk page, then post a message at Wikipedia talk:Articles for deletion requesting that someone else complete the process.

You must sign in to nominate pages for deletion. If you do not sign-in, or you edit anonymously, you will get stuck part way through the nomination procedure.
Put the deletion tag on the article.
  • Insert {{subst:afd1}} at the top of the article.
If this article has been nominated before, use {{subst:afdx|2nd}} or {{subst:afdx|3rd}} etc.
  • Do not mark the edit as minor.
  • Include in the edit summary
    AfD: Nominated for deletion; see [[Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/NominationName]]
    replacing NominationName with the name of the page being nominated.
The NominationName is normally the article name (PageName), but if it has been nominated before, use "PageName (2nd nomination)" or "PageName (3rd nomination)" etc.)
  • You can check the "Watch this page" box to follow the page in your watchlist. This allows you to notice if the AfD tag is removed.
  • Save the page.
Create the article's deletion discussion page.

The resulting AfD box at the top of the article should contain a link to "Preloaded debate" in the AfD page.

  • Click that link to open the article's deletion discussion page. Some text and instructions will appear.
  • Give a reason for the deletion and a category for the debate (instructions are on that page).


  • Click the link saying "this article's entry" to open the deletion-debate page.
  • Insert this text:
    {{subst:afd2 | pg=PageName | cat=Category | text=Why the page should be deleted}} ~~~~
    Replace PageName with the name of the page, Category with a letter from the list M, O, B, S, W, G, T, F, and P to categorize the debate, and Why the page should be deleted with the reasons the page should be deleted.
  • Add a deletion sorting template to the nomination, if appropriate.
  • You can check "Watch this page" to follow the debate.
  • Use an edit summary such as
    Creating deletion discussion for [[PageName]]
  • Save the page.
Notify users who monitor AfD discussion.
  • Open the articles for deletion log page.
  • At the top of the list on the log page (there's a comment indicating the spot), insert:
    {{subst:afd3 | pg=NominationName}}
    replacing NominationName appropriately (use "PageName", "PageName (2nd nomination)", etc.).
  • Link to the discussion page in your edit summary:
    Adding [[Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/NominationName]]
  • Save the page. Your insertion will be expanded to the same form as the preceding lines in the file: {{Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/NominationName}}.


New users[edit]

Hello, [[Wikipedia:Welcome, newcomers|welcome]] to Wikipedia. You might like to start by reading the [[Wikipedia:tutorial|]] and introducing yourself at the [[Wikipedia:new user log|new users page]]. If you have any questions, you can ask at the [[Wikipedia:Newcomers' help desk|help desk]] or on [[User talk:Will Beback|my talk page]]. Two useful tips are that you can sign your name using four tildes (<nowiki>~~~~</nowiki>) and you can preview your changes before you save using the [[Wikipedia:show preview|]] button. You can regularly find new tips on the [[Wikipedia:Community Portal|]]. I look forward to reading your [[Wikipedia:How to write a great article|great articles]] and I hope you enjoy editing here and being a [[Wikipedia:Wikipedians|Wikipedian]]. :) ~~~~

or {{Opentask}}

Unregistered users[edit]

Hello and [[Wikipedia:Welcome, newcomers|welcome]] to Wikipedia. Thanks for all your contributions. Why not [[Special:Userlogin|create an account]] so your user name will be attributed to your articles?

Here are some useful links in case you haven't already found them:
*[[Wikipedia:How to edit a page|How to edit a page]]
*[[Wikipedia:show preview|]]
*[[Wikipedia:How to write a great article|]]
*[[Wikipedia:Naming conventions|Naming conventions]]
*[[Wikipedia:Village pump|Village pump]]

I hope you continue to enjoy editing here . ~~~~

Users adding interlanguage links[edit]

Hello, [[Wikipedia:Welcome, newcomers|welcome]] to the English Wikipedia. Thanks for the [[Wikipedia:interlanguage links|]] you are adding.

Here are some pages you might find useful during your visit here:
*[[Wikipedia:Village pump]] (to ask questions)
*[[Wikipedia:Community Portal]] (community links)
*[[Wikipedia:Goings-on]] (recent events on the English Wikipedia)

There is also a vote on which order interlanguage links should be in that might interest you at [[Wikipedia:Language order poll]].



Some of the following are based on User:Sj/boiler and Mediawiki:test


Your test worked. It has now been deleted. Future tests should be done in the [[Wikipedia:Sandbox]]. Please see the [[Wikipedia:Welcome, newcomers|welcome page]] if you would like to learn more about contributing here. Thanks. ~~~~


The contributions you are making are not helpful. Please bear this in mind before making further edits. If you would like to experiment, please use the [[Wikipedia:Sandbox]]. ~~~~


Please stop vandalising [[PAGE NAME]] or you may be [[Special:Ipblocklist|blocked]] from editing. Please read the [[Wikipedia:Welcome, newcomers|welcome]] page if you are interested in contributing here. Thanks. ~~~~


Welcome to Wikipedia. Your contributions are very welcome. Your contribution to [[]], however, fell outside the bounds of a [[Wikipedia:Neutral point of view|neutral point of view]] and was removed. Please bear this in mind while making further contributions. ~~~~

More malicious NPOV[edit]

You are disrupting the peaceful operation of several Wikipedia articles. Those who purposefully and maliciously engage in edit wars are not welcome at Wikipedia. If you do not desist, you will be blocked from editing. ~~~~


Hello, [[Wikipedia:Welcome, newcomers|welcome]] to Wikipedia. The article you created at [[ARTICLE NAME]] appears to be copied from WEBSITE. Unless you are the author of the original information and you are able to release it under the [[Wikipedia:Text of the GNU Free Documentation License|GFDL]] then the page will need to be deleted. Please see [[Wikipedia:Copyrights]] for further information. Even if this is a copyright violation, we would still welcome any original contributions from you. See the instructions on [[Wikipedia:how to edit a page|how to edit a page]] for more info. Thanks. ~~~~


thanks to Duk

Processing copyvios[edit]

I'd like to help with the workload of clearing the Wikipedia:Copyright problems page. Leaving aside for now the ones with complications, is there anything special to know? Here's what I'm assuming: Entries older than 7 days (and no clarifying discussion) should be removed. Double check to make sure the copyright claim seems correct. Create new article with /Temp version if there is one. Leave redlinks in other articles to encourage re-creation (hopefully not copyvio). Anything else? Thanks, -21:17, July 20, 2005 (UTC)

Hi, your assumptions are mostly correct (also, see the instructions at the top of WP:CP);

  1. verify the copyvio
  2. revert to the oldest version of the article with no copyright violation -or- if the article started as a copyvio then delete. Most listings get deleted

We can leave copyvios in history if it's possible to revert to an earlier, copyvio-free version. However, we will remove the offending history if the copyright owner requests it (by deleting the article and restoring only the clean versions of history). This is very difficult for articles with long edit histories.

I find that a significant number of listings are mistakes, probably more than one percent; entries from the 1911 EB (PD), or the Catholic Encyclopedia (PD), or mirrors that don't credit us (they are violating our copyrights), etc.

When an author gives permission for Wikipedia to use their work- I usually ask that they reply to an email, sent to the contact address on the copied website, acknowledging a GFDL license. I include links to Wikipedia's copyright information. Legitimated claims are almost always replied to promptly. If the author is a registered wikipedian with some history I'll take their word for it.

What helps me the most is Firefox browser. I open a few listed articles in their own windows. And then, in each new window open the talk, history, referred url... in tabs. This keeps all the information for a listing together.

I haven't been doing much here for about two months (due to work) but am starting to get some free time again. We definitely need more admins working this page and I'm sure your efforts there will be appreciated. --Duk 23:02, 20 July 2005 (UTC)